Monday, December 12, 2011

Party for the girls' daycare bunch..

I suppose it's because I don't have much else going on lately.... I decided to host the girls' daycare/ after school kids in our home for a Christmas party.

JinJin came over, because she had picked the girls up from dancing for me and even brought Madi over to partake in the festivities as well. This, by the way, is Bryce.... one of Ellie's most favorite people in the world.

And this is Bentley. He is a whole big ol chunk of love.

I started with a fairly simple free for all art project so I could have them come to me one by one so I could get their thumbprints for an ornament we were making for their moms.

Ellie seemed to be pretty happy with her outcome. And this is one of Ellie's best friends, Chloe.

Madi came on over after dancing. Ellie is always glad to see her cousin, and the feeling seems to be mutual.

That little guy in the navy is Peyton. He is one of Gabbi's best buds.

And then came time for the props! I just provided them, and let them choose whatever struck their fancy! Here' s Nate.

and Katie.

and Ellie.

and Peyton.

and Gabbi.

and Chloe.

and Bryce.

and Kinsler.

and Bentley. and Bentley again.

I had fun setting them up with the props.

And these are the thumbprint ornaments we ended up making for their mamas.

Then came present time!! Always the best part for a bunch of little ones.

This is Candy. She is Miss Donna's daughter, and Chloe's mama.

She was off work today, so it was nice to have the extra set of hands for the party.

I suppose you can see where Ellie has nestled herself. Right between the two "big kids" who come over after school. And most particularly, right next to BRYCE!

Miss Gabbi got a set of dominoes and excused herself from the party to set them all up on the table and start stacking and totally isolating herself, because.... she just wanted to!

Good ol' Miss Donna. My girls have another mama in her. She is so loving and gentle with them. She has taught Gabs to sit on the potty, and she has their breakfast all ready for them everyday. They do art projects, and Ellie can write all of her letters and many numbers.

I am SOOOO glad that I made the decision to forego daycare this year and just have her stay with Miss Donna!! I couldn't be happier! I am very grateful for Miss DOnna..

and I am also very grateful for this awesome view! I love this time of year.

Oh, and thanks so much to Jessi who designed my new blog banner. I love it, how bout you?!



RADstitches said...

Yes!! Love the new banner!!!!

Riley said...

The new banner is AWESOME!

Zhohn said...

LOVE THAT BANNER!!! How did we miss those pictures? Lol
Nice to 'meet' everyone the girls spend the day with. The thumbprint ornaments are adorable.

Mama J said...

OK, shoot me now! Just when I think you are at the top of your shoot the moon! So thoughtful to do this for these kiddos. LOVE the new banner pic and are not only talented, but you surround yourself with a bucket full of talented peeps.

Thanks for sharing with us. I love waking up to Mo' Joy!

Amy K said...

You are simply awesome Mo! What a great thing to do for those adorable kiddos. The photo ops for all the kids are great.

Love the new banner!

Tina said...

I LOVE the new banner.

This is my first time leaving a comment, but I read your blog every day!

Sharidrew said...

Love the new banner! And the border around the pictures is nice too! I so want to come to your house and attend a party or two. Even the little kid parties look so much fun!

Happy Tuesday!

shortmom said...

Love, Love Love the new banner. Your girls are beautiful! I look forward to logging in each day and reading your blog. Always brings a smile. Happy Holidays!

Renee said...

What a fun party! The thumb print ornaments are priceless. You'll have to share the directions for those. And yes, absolutely LOVE the new banner picture. That one is blow up huge and hang in your house precious!

snekcip said...


Emily said...

LOVEEEEE the new blog banner! ADORABLES!

Debbie said...

Love the New Banner, it is great. The thumbprint ornaments are a great idea and I am sure will be a treasure for the moms. You are so talented. Merry Christmas.

Debbie said...

Love the New Banner, it is great. The thumbprint ornaments are a great idea and I am sure will be a treasure for the moms. You are so talented. Merry Christmas.

kimybeee said...

banner is awesome! party looks like it was a blast too!!!

Rohrbachs said...

You are so blessed and bless so many others!!!!

Michelle said...

I looovvveee the banner pic of the girls! And way to go on the party Mama! Never a dull moment!

Kristin said...

the banner is amazing -- what a great picture!