Tuesday, December 13, 2011

JinJin's paint party

I must confess something. And that something is this.... I TEE TOTALLY AND 100%edly FORGOT JINJIN'S FRIEND PAINT PARTY!

She textd me Monday at work and by the time I got by my phone and saw the text, well it was a bit late! The text read, "Do you need me to bring anything?" And my answer text said, "To what?!" And her's said, "The paint party" and mine said, "Shitola!". And she said, "Do I need to postpone or call it off?" and mine said, "NO. I am Super Woman!" And so it was.

I had a whole crew of women coming to my house in about an hour and half from the time I would be getting home from work and not a single canvas prepped. Knowing that I would never have time to do the texture deal, I decided to go with decoupaged hymnal paper on the canvases. I had my helper (just hired an actual assistant!!) head straight to my house to get to decoupaging until I could get home. When the guests started arriving, Robin was still using a blowdryer to get the canvases ready for paint! Hilarious. Kinda!

I did this class totally different than my usual ones. I decided to inspire with my canvases all around the room. Then, they could look at all kinds of designs and just choose whatever they wanted to do and I'd be there to help them.

This is Mickey and Donna. Mickey just repainted her house and wanted grey, black and red.

I called my friend Lisa, over when one of mom's friends had to drop out. Lisa had been wanting to come paint, so I saw this as a great time to do it. She went for the big BELIEVE canvas idea.

Turned out cute, didn't it?! I only helped her with the handwriting. It takes a BRAVE soul to bust out with handwriting after having poured your heart and soul into blending and shading and blah, blah, blah, so I didn't blame her for wanting to BLAME ME if it all went bad with the writing.

Donna was doing a fleur de lis as a gift.

Cheryl just hung out and played Angry Birds!

And then... the finished products.

Guess who did this masterpiece!

Yep. Picasso herself! I think Ellie is texting. I am NOT kidding!

So despite a crazy start, I think all had fun. all learned a little, and all left with great canvases for themselves or to use as a gift. Successful art night!



Mary said...

Only you could throw together a fun paint party at the last minute! :) That's awesome!

kimybeee said...

sometimes the best things in life are not planned! : )

Amy K said...

Gorgeous canvases ladies!

Renee said...

Nice job ladies!

Beth E. said...

They all did a great job...Mickey's painting is my favorite!

You amaze me, girl...what a blessing you are to soooo many people! :-)