Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ellie and KK

Last weekend, KK came over to stay with the young uns while Todd and I did a little Christmas shopping. As a matter of fact, she texted ME the day before and said, "If y'all have anything to do, I'd be happy to come keep the girls" or something to that effect. Now THAT's the kind of babysitter I LOVE having with my girls. Someone who WANTS to be with them. And someone who reallly LOVES them! So, come the end of the night when Todd and I get home and are ready to start his very thoroughly planned big cookie making event, and KK is getting dressed to go to a wedding of a friend.

She mentions to Ellie that it'd be ok if she went along. Wellllll, buddddy.... that's all it took!

Ellie REFUSED to stay with us. Todd had bought a cookie making BOOK, and supplies for about 5-6 different kinds of cookies, as well as Chex mix stuff. And there it happened. His big girl was too big to want to stay home wiht him to do the cookie making And he was so defeated!!

I said, "Todd, you and I and Gabs can just make them." He said, "It just won't be the same."

Ol boy better get used to that one!! Something tells me that Miss Ellie Sue is ALWAYS going to choose hitting the road over staying home with poor ol' mom and dad. Gabbi, on the other hand, may NEVER leave home! She loves her mama too much!

Thank you to KK who loves my babies!!



Zhohn said...

Aww, poor Todd! It may be a good thing for him that it's beginning now. Beautiful pics of Ellie and KK.

Amy K said...

Now that is a bittersweet post! Poor Daddy and sweet Ellie & KK.

Ellie is going to be the biggest social butterfly ever!

Becky said...

Awww... that is the sweetest babysitter EVER! Send her my way!!! And, I know the feeling Todd! My baby never chooses me, either! If its between mom & dad or racing... its always racing!!!

Deb said...

I did notice that her clothing was entirely appropriate and it was a dress. Yeah for some things....
Hope your cookie are great.

snekcip said...

I saw those awesome cookies on fb! Go Todd!!!

Paige said...

I sure hope you have your blog in 14 years so we can keep up with E then, too :)

Oh, and...where did KK get that darling shirt??? The black and cream chevron top?