Thursday, December 15, 2011

MMPT has got that Christmas spirit!

In light of the fact that MMPT had their CHRistmas party tonight, the last of them just left, and it is 11:48, I'll have to make this one short and sweet! I LOVE my staff. I LOVE my job. I LOVE having the very important job of steering a whole crew in a direction that I feel is the right one.

I like for my company to have a fun, light hearted feel, but give EXCEPTIONAL care! I feel it is paramount that we take care of the patient's aching heart as much as their physical needs.

I think it is important for us to remember that everyone has a different area of giftedness, and it is fun for me to try and help folks find their strength and hone it. Then, USE it to touch others' lives.

Our Christmas party tonight just reminded me how much I enjoy being a part of a tight knit crew. I love having them in my house and I love when we all present each other with the handmade gifts that we had to really put a lot of thought into when we were making for one another.

Tomorrow, we will have an all day retreat. We will play some really fun games. We will have some pretty serious talks about new policy and procedure. We will consider the direction of our company in the upcoming year.

I had everyone submit a secret about themselves that noone knew. I will be using that info to build comraderie and create bonds. I LOVE those kinds of games.

I hope everyone can accept change as it has to occur. As MMPT grows, the boundaries will have to be narrowed and so that "fairness" can prevail, we will have to really tighten up on our policy manual. (good times!)

We will be closing down five therapy clinics to have the meeting, so I hope you will say a little prayer that our retreat is a highly effective one, which brings the team closer and the focus of our mission will be even more engrained.


Thanks for listening!



Zhohn said...

Good luck, hope the retreat goes well. I pray everyone accepts the changes and your group sticks together.
Happy Friday!!

bearie1 said...
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