Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our last day of art class.

Considering it was our last day of Art Class, I decided I HAD to show a few pictures from the event. And, while I'm at it, I will give a little instruction so you can make your own! First off, we got some styrofoam cones. Don't get the floral kind that will disintegrate when you rub it, but the rougher, more pourous, actual styrofoam kind. And I think around 6" will do. Some of the girls chose a bigger one to set on the bedside table in their rooms, vs using as an actual ornament on the tree.

The way we had it organized was to get four Ziploc bags. The circles of fabric were cut into four basic sizes. Super small (.5"), small (1"), medium (1.5") and large (2"). The bags were numbered, 1,2,3,4.

I told the girls to grab a handful of each size and keep them stacked in the appropriate sizes prior to matching them up and putting them on the cones.

Next step is to take the number four circle, slap a number 3 on top of it, then a number 2, then a number 1. Take a straight pin and stab the stack in the middle.

I started out with plain straight pins, but later got all fancy like and go the pins with all sorts of pearly and glossy heads on them.

Naturally, when you put the four fabrics together, you want them to be very different. You can stick with all Christmas fabrics, or you can mix them all up, as we did in this class.

I love how diligently these little girls worked on just about EVERY project these past two months.

As you stick your piles of fabric circles on the cone, start on the bottom and work you way up the cone. Let the sides overlap only slightly. You can always come back and use a number 2 or even stack a 2 AND 1 to fill a little gap if necessary.

Just keep on truckin right up to the top.

It is a very quick project, particularly if the circles are all pre cut. That takes a lot of time. (Just ask Sarah!!)

We then took a 1/4" ribbon, made a little bow and stuck it on the top with a straight pin. If you want to hang it, I recommend an additional loop be added with another pin to make your bow be strictly for decoration and not for function.

I mean you gotta admit, these are pretty dang cute!! Breanna and I used these trees on our handmade tree at the Ballet Company's Festival of Trees.

While I am talking about it, you KNOW I can't leave out my Wednesday cuties.

After all, some of their mamas read my blog!!

One thing is for sure, this was a VERY indpendent project! Sarah was asked to cut a few more circles, especially when the girls realized I had zebra striped fabric!!

Paige is consistently a weirdo when a camera comes out!

And here they are! How bout THAT shirt?! I wish I could wear shirts for Gymboree!! I think I might have to custom make me a shirt like that!!

And that's that. Maybe you and your littles can try this project before the season is over. Good luck. I'd say the little ones took about 25 or so circles in all four sizes.

We had a GREAT retreat yesterday for MMPT!! So, if you were praying, sending positive vibes, thinking about us, etc... we thank you! Lots accomplished. Big plans. Heartwarming stories. It is a very inspiring place to work. Todd was in his first ever MMPT staffing and he even got a little choked up a few times. Touching lives and remembering to be grateful for that opportunity is really a profound thing. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness over the job I get to perform everyday. I get to touch lives and have them touch mine in return. In PT AND in art!



jenny said...

Cute, CUTE, CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing the particulars. I'm definitely passing this on. Merry Christmas!

Riley said...

Ooh Mo, I think this might be my next craft project! Time to scrounge up all my fabric remnants! I am still waiting for your 2012 art retreat dates...I would love to come back and see you!

snekcip said...

You always have the cutest projects! Thanks for sharing!

Beverly said...

What did you use to cut the circles or did you just wing it? I got to make one of those!