Sunday, December 11, 2011

Around the Groves House.

You just never know around here.

Sometimes Lizzie is having her hair done at the pet beauty shop.

On this particular day, Gabs was giving her a good ol hair straightening!

In the meanwhile, Ellie found my gold boots that Mary Allison recently bought me.

She thought they'd be "sassy". I think they'll cause me to have an ACE wrap on my ankle the next day. But thanks, anyway, MA. I'll tell you who L.O.V.E.S them.... wait! I bet you already know the answer to this.

These boots have become her "go-to" shoewear of choice!

Sweet precious angel, Gabs, will still wear her cute little satin gown from Easter. Think Ellie would even THINK about doing that?! I get an A for effort, but it's usually a tank top for her. ANd as I have learned, if it's not going to be seen in public, it really isn't worth the effort! And NOT worth the battle.
As a matter of fact, this was bedtime, and THIS is what she anticipated wearing to bed.

the very same capris I would've LOVED her to wear to daycare with a cute aqua shirt. But, nooooo.... NOT if I want her to!! NOPE!! Only to sleep in, with her high heel gold glittery boots.

I think she preferred to stand and eat so she could feel the pressure in the ball of her feet.

So, thanks for that, MA. And KK has now found some she really, really wants from the mall. They've been to get them twice. I suppose I will have to oblige, since it's now on her Christmas list. Wait til I share with you her list. It's hysterical! Remember, noone has let her in on the idea that she is only four! Have a good week, y'all!



Renee said...

Love GG's love for Lizzie. So precious! And I'm thinking don't break E's heart and tell her she's only 4. Let her go on believing she is a teen! Too cute!

snekcip said...

Oh there is nothing more precious than a girl and her dog! Lizzie is such a good "client"! I had to crack up at Ellie's GLITTER boots! That girl has "been here before"! I can't wait to see her list. My sweet girl only asked for TWO things, she only wants a STETHESCOPE and a BALLERINA doll! I had to laugh when she told Santa about the "stethescope", he thought she said a "telescope". He told her yes a telescope would probably be under her tree and she looked him quizzically and said "Noooo Santa, that's to look at stars, I want to listen to hearts! PRICELESS!!!!

Renee said...

The new banner picture is PRECIOUS!!!!!

Kaia said...

Another adorable header picture-love it!

Debbie Dankelson said...

WOW! LOVE the new header! Beautiful picture and beautiful girls!!

Becky said...

LOVE the new picture up top!

Debbie said...

I Love, love, love the new header picture!!! How cute is that??
God Bless~