Saturday, December 10, 2011

Canvases and brownies.

There are these times in life where you realize you are with the one person in the world who loves you most and knows you better than anyone else. It happened for me last week. As I asked my husband to make me a pan of brownies while I was finishing up several paintings, (actually, truth be told, I was trying to make the brownies myself, and he saw the chaos and said, "step aside"!), my husband grabbed a few of the remaining boxes of Milk Duds and added them to the batch of brownies (see above photo) along with marshmallows.

You talk about "getting me". I think I may have peed down both legs with the sheer possibility of what these may taste like!

Now onto the actual story...I have painted quite a few canvases ready for shipping out.

And I have really enjoyed using hymnals in the background of my work.

This one is for Anne, actually for her grandson, Hudson. I eventually added his name.

And I am not sure which canvases I have or have not posted, but this one went out to Melissa.

It's one of hte designs I did a couple of years ago when I was painting a LOT. It's fun because I can put all the little peeps' names on the gifttags.

I have painted just about every spare minute this season, but I have decided that I am done!! We have a really, really tight schedule at work, so I will be putting more hours in these in the next few weeks. And talk about Christmas parties... we are having them!! One for my office, one for my buddies, one for Mary Allison and her buds. So....

although I've had fun painting, it is coming to a close until next year. And oh, hey....

Have you been thinking about what your WORD will be for 2012? I have. And I keep having the same word come to mind. Not positive about it yet. But it's gnawing at me. I don't think I did my best at "RELISHing" this year. Oh well, some we win, and some we lose. We just have to keep on TRYING.

Hope you enjoyed these.

(as much as I enjoyed my MilkDud brownies!!)



Kaia said...

Love the use of hymnals in the canvasses! Our church just switched to newer ones and I'm trying to get some of the old ones for crafting!

Yvonne said...

The saying about being strong, is that for someone, or is it for sale? Love it and would be interested in purchasing it if it is available?

Amy K said...

Beautiful canvases as always!

That Todd is one awesome hubby.

I'm still mulling around my word for 2012, but as soon as I settle on it, I'll be emailing you to order my canvas.

Kathryn said...

Beautiful! I am going to stick with "remain". I need this word. It gets me through my day with peace (most of the time). The day will come when a new word is needed, but I hope that doesn't happen for a long while. Prettied up Mother's suite with a pink Christmas tree, all decked out in purple and silver ornaments, big old white and pink swags over her windows that I festooned with silver clip on poinsettia blooms and silver snowflakes. She loves it! Her nurses think I am cracked, but that is fine.

kimybeee said...

the paintings are very pretty and even though i am not a milk dud eater, the brownies look yummy!!! i came home from a very long and busy day at work the other evening and my husband had washed all of the dishes (a lot, dishwasher doesn't work) and did some other things around the house. i was so happy to see that he had done those things without being asked!!! that is love and a whole heap of sexy right there!!! lol

Emily said...

"Peed down both legs"? You goof! I spit my water out when I read this and made a mess of my desk! I swear! You tell Todd he can make me some milk dud brownies any time he gets the hankering-milk duds are my biggest weakness!

Renee said...

Milk duds, marshmellows and brownies? Sounds delish! Tod the Bod Rocks! Great job on the canvases. Esp love the Chrismtas ball with the hymnals. Beautiful!

Nicole said...

That saying about being strong.....I started using that with all the trials and tribulations thrown our way with Jayci this year, esp the brain surgery! People ask me ALL THE TIME, "How do u do it especially with Jason working 24 hours away?" My answer besides this quote?: I am a mother, I don't think about has to be done, who else is gonna do it?, that canvas especially!!