Friday, December 9, 2011

E mail

The girls' newest fun thing to do is to write letters to each other. Madi started the trend. We received a letter in the mail from Madi asking Ellie to go to the zoo with her. She also suggested they pet a giraffe.

So, naturally, Ellie felt she should reciprocate.

And since she's been working on writing letters as I call them out to her, THIS is how it actually hit the mailways.

She added a few embellishments. I asked her why she used the colors and she said they were Christmas colors. As for the mushroom T, she said, "I just wanted to add a little humpy thing on there to make it special."

Then, she added a red-headed girl on the back. She had recently made the acquaintance of a red-headed teenager who must've made quite an impression.

She even added a "poufy" (as she calls it)on top. Are you aware of the style I speak of? Think Snookie!
Then, a dress and some nice heels and it was ready to mail!

This kid totally cracks me up!



kimybeee said...

love it - she is so talented!!!!

Kaia said...

Cracks me up, too! I am impressed with her ability to write that much small enough to fit the envelope!

Renee said...

Awesome writing Ellie!

Amy K said...

I know I'm supposed to comment about the letter writing, but I'm really ooohhhing and aaahhhing over that awesome Packers shirt Ellie Sue is wearing!!! :)

Great job writing too Ellie!