Sunday, December 4, 2011

Elf on the Shelf.

This is the first year the Elf/ Elves have visited our house! And I'll tell you what... our girls loko for those elves the VERY first thing every morning!!

Sometimes Ellie finds them first, and naturally starts SCREAMING for us all to come in and see where she's found them!

This particular morning, Luke and Lola were in the pantry.

We think they were trying to get in our cereal.

It nearly KILLS Ellie to not get to touch them!

She gets as close to touching them as she possibly can without actually making contact!

And then there was that morning when they were playing around in our stockings.

Can you say, "BUSTED"!?

Yep, Luke and Lola, you done been CAUGHT!

Oh, and then there was that morning when they were found sliding down our bannister.

Luke was hanging onto Lola and they'd apparently been playing some CRAZY stuff the night before.

I'm pretty sure Gabs found her this morning.

And would you believe they tried to get coffee?! Yep!
Lola had even dumped Splenda all over Luke. Those crazy nuts!

And then one day, when mama got up late, and daddy went first to the kitchen, would you believe they were in the ice chest?!

Since then, we've found them in a few more peculiar places!! Our first year with the Elves has been really fun! Having baby girls makes all the "magic" of Christmas even more special and enchanting!!



connie said...

where did u get them at and how much was them looks like they are having fun doing stuff thru the night while yall are sleeping lol looks like ellie and gabbi is having fun seeing what they are doing when they get up what a fun why to celebrate christmas all the weeks and days before it. i love the pics of the girls checking to see what is going on with them.. i will be checking back to see what they are into tonight lol.. enjoy this with the girl... i cant wait to hear about memphis and see the pics... i bet yall froze up there i went to gatlinburg to the christmas parade hey if you get to do it take the girls to it next year the parade is all lights floats all decorated high school bands are in it and it is so pretty the girls will love it the parade is usualy the first weekend in dec on a friday night.. i went this weekend and had a great time i took pics i went with my family it so pretty up there all decorated up.. well have a great week.. love ya

kimybeee said...

very sweet!!! looks like a lot of fun!

Marti said...

So glad you are enjoying it. Nicky lost an arm this year, after 4 years. Our kids can play with their elves. So Nicky and holly went o to the elf hospital( holly is a nurse we think so he ad o go) winter and jasper are here now. Tonight the deco rated the tree with underwear. Crazy elves. Check out elves from catie. Super cute.

Amy K said...

The elves have never visited our house, but I've heard so many fun things about them.
Mo, I just have to say, you're mantle is absolutely gorgeous!

Renee said...

Love Elf on the shelf. I have several friends who have the magic elf at their home and I love hearing all the places the Elves end up.

snekcip said...

I have been loving the ELF on the SHELF stories. TOO CUTE!!!

@ Connie-You can find them at HALLMARK and I have heard that TARGET has them too. The Hallmark ones come with a book and retails for 29.99.