Friday, December 2, 2011

A few canvases have new homes.

I am on my way to Memphis. Leaving in a few. So, there may not be an updated post tomorrow. Stay tuned for a great one, though, on the St. Jude marathon.

In the meanwhile, here are a few of the canvases that have gone all around the country in the past week. This is for Julie, the Gary Allen/ Alan!?? lover. She has a group of cronies who go to every concert with her. Kim came by the clinic yesterday to claim these.

This one turned out super cute!

I was sent some bedding to match, and I hope I did the canvases just perfect for the room it's heading to.

Because I was given pretty much free reign and had nothing to really copy or look at, I had a ball getting really creative with polka dots and fun colors!

I actually copied this one from a Halloween sticker. Of course, changed the colors.

If you are my Facebook friend, you've already seen these.

This was done for a friend who works at MMPT. It made my hand cramp to paint it!!

And, Kathryn, here's yours close up. It's in the mail and should be on your doorstep today or tomorrow.

Happy Holidays, everyone. And Gooooo TEAMJAKE!!



Zhohn said...

They are all amazing!!!!
Safe travels. GOOO TEAM JAKE!

snekcip said...

Cheering from TEXAS for TEAMJAKE of LA and TEAM LUCY of TN. Lucy is a 5yr old who is battling medulloblastoma. What a wonderful cause for wonderful brave children. My heart and prayers for everyone's safe travel there and back. Go TEAM JAKE AND TEAM LUCY!!!

Amy K said...

I'm going to want to order a new canvas for my 2012 One Little Word to go with my others...just gotta figure out what that word is! :)
Blessings to all of TEAM JAKE!

Sparks said...

I forgot to tell you that I LOVE all the owls, they go perfectly with the bedding fabric. Thank you so so much again!!

Becky said...

OMG! We just went to see Gary Allan here in Minnesota. This lady had made a sign, so she got to go up on stage to show him. The sign read, "Getting married in two days, need a kiss from Gary!" ...and she got to plant a big one on him!!! So, I told my husband, "From now on, any concert I go to I'm making a sign that says I'm getting married in two days and need a kiss!!" Hee! Hee!

Ashley Bianchi said...

Just saw a FB post about someone seeing you on the Interstate yesterday and remembered Jake for his love for Yim McGraw. You are keeping his memory alive for so many!!