Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Art Group... making headgear!

Now, this is MY kind of art day!! I just get out all the fabric, toulle, netting, buttons..... And then, we let the creating begin!!

This activity was actually about two weeks ago. We have made a necklace and a full Halloween scrapbook since then, but anyway...

My Wednesday class is my older of the two classes. They work a wee bit more independently. With that independence comes a little more SASS too!

Emma Lou was eyeing that tiger material to do an LSU head piece.

We covered buttons, made headbands, made barettes, made fabric rosettes... and more.

I'm having a blast teaching all these younguns the things I know about art.

I think it would have been awesome to have known these techniques at a young age.

I took art, but we basically only painted. Not that I don't love painting... but I really prefer all kinds of arts and crafts, and like to have a completed project weekly!

Wait til I show some of the scrapbooks we made this week. It was one of the funnest weeks we've had so far!

Only about three weeks left. Oh boy. I better be planning for the new year. I have a lot of little girls who are chomping at the bit to do it again!! And hey, boys... I am planning one for you too!



Bj said...

Great job Mo...keep up the good work. You are influencing so many young lives in a very positive way! We need more role models like you in today's world! Hats off to you my friend.....huggers, BJ

Renee said...

What fun! You'll have to show off some of their completed projects.

connie said...

great job mo i wish i could come down to your house and do some art stuff with u i love reading and seeing all the pics you and the girls are doing wow your doing a awesome job in teaching them. ohh did u get my message with my home address i sent it to you on fb... just let me know. have fun at your art retreats. and keep on posting and adding the pics of it all your a amazing art teacher your very very good.. love ya