Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween at MMPT

You knew that sooner or later, I would have to get around to blogging about Halloween. Well, here's the first of several. MMPT celebrates Halloween EVERY year.West Monroe Peds decided to go retro, back to the 80's! Check out Karl's popped collar, and of course, his tight-rolled jeans. High top Reeboks, and you KNOW those have to be stonewashed!

Down in the adult clinic, West Monroe, Becky is Mrs. Potato Head.

Cade was some sort of deranged rock climber.

Ashley rocked her 80's style with her adult patients too.

Ooooh... nice crimping!

Miss Beverly put in for a vacation day, because she is NOT into costumes!! So, I bought her a costume, (please note skeleton necklace), and she agreed to stay on our busy MOnday schedule.

Bobby was "the Count"!

Summer was Elmo. S0rry, Scott.. sometimes our therapists are a little "out there".

Brian was Big Bird. I think he had this in his closet.

And Kristin was a Crayon.

It was fun to see a busy treatment room, with crazy adults all dressed up like fruitloops.

I love having a staff who finds it "fun" to participate in "special" days like Halloween.

Even our patients get in on the fun. Mr. Jerry holds Hector up for a photo op. Hector was hidden all over our clinic throught the holiday. In closets, on the water cooler, in a spinning chair to surprise someone when they spun it around.... you get the idea.

And Patchez rocked some seriously crimped hair.

ANd somehow managed to work with kids in turquoise pumps and a Members Only jacket.

Keith made a saweet shirt to wear with his 80's costume.

We had a fun day. And are already into the Thanksgiving spirit with a Thanksgiving tree in all the clinics. I'll show you those soon. Have a good Wednesday. It's dancing day for us!



Theresa Shirley said...

Love that you make it such a fun atmosphere for both your patients AND employees!! I bet your patients look forward to their therapy days! All ya'll were lookin'

snekcip said...

Miss Beverly says "A Diva never let's her guards down"!! She gotta be on point at alllll times!!! :) Loved the Crayon costume!! Really "colorful"!!

We need video of this Wednesday dancing m'am!!

Beverly said...

Love your blog and would love to work for you! The commute would be a bit much from NC. Loved, loved, loved your socks!!! Where did you get them? Your blog makes my day!

Amy K said...

Great costume ideas. I love all things 80's! :)