Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'll be MIA today.

I am going to be out of pocket tonight, so enjoy this cute little picture of my babies with Nana and Pops! More on this fun Halloween night when I get back. JinJin and I are in Canton (A.G.A.I.N!!) , so get ready for all THAT action too!! Hope you are making your list of all that you are thankful for. Novemeber is a great month for this. Check out my Facebook page for my ongoing list!! And if you tried to friend me, please inbox me to let me know you are a MoJoy reader and we are good as friends!! Oh, and I am trying to get our Melanie Massey Physical Therapy page up and going too, so "Like" us. K? K!



Zhohn said...

Can't wait to see Canton pics! Couldnt imagine you needing anything else.. Lol!

Ellie looks like a natural in her costume. Very cute pic of the girls.

Have fun!

Rhonda said...

You and JinJin are going to end up just like my mom and I ~ EVERY month we head to Canton!!!! :)

snekcip said...

I have got to make my way to Canton one day! We passed literally "thru those parts" ALL THE TIME!!!! You and JinJin have fun!!!

Renee said...

Can't to hear all about your great finds in Canton!

The Shoemake Family said...

I am going to be in canton tomorrow. Yeah canton. I will look for you.