Saturday, November 5, 2011


It's a real rarity that I do a "real time" post!! Usually, I haul photos around in my camera for about a week, then when I get around to actually posting about it, it is all past tense!! Well, THESE pictures were taken just a few minutes ago!! They are hot off the press. LSU is playing Alabama today, and well, given that we named our first child "ELL-IE SUE", we are pretty huge fans!! SO, sit back and enjoy these pics!! We will have LOTS more tomorrow. There will be more of Gabs than of Ellie Sue, because as usual, she would NOT cooperate with putting on her cute outfit! Gabbi Girl did just fine!

Geaux Tigers!!



Marti said...

Today I will be saying Geaux Tigers - that takes alot from an Auburn fan but it is easy to say Beat Bama!!! Have fun!!

Jodi said...

Great pics. There were a few of the three of you that are BLOW UP worthy (if you have anymore room too hang them in the house). Where did you get the brown football tights. I know two people that just had babies and they are BOTH HUGE football fans? I would love to send them a pair with the other gift I am preparing. Thanks, MO!

Mama said...

I've been reading since your caringbridge days...and never posted...till now!!! I have to tell you that I have a quarter riding on this game and I have LSU winning...all because of you!!! Ya gotta know, I am sitting in the heart of Penn State country and I am wearing purple hahaha...all for a you and a quarter...but mostly you.

GLOANN said...

Read your blog daily but I don't comment a lot. Have to tell you though that you and Gabby look so much alike in that fifth picture down. She is one beautiful little girl! That smile is gorgeous. (Brandon M's mom)

Sharidrew said...

Hey Mo!! I watched that game! It was probably the best college football game I have ever watched! I know a gal from LA and she is all about LSU! You two are the only people I "know" that are LSU fans to see a good game either way! And those pictures! Gabbi is a doll baby! I love her football tights. AWESOME! Have a great Sunday!

Hugs from Missouri,

Renee said...

LOVE Gabbi's outfit. Too stinkin' cute. The hat looks like it was made for her. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!