Monday, November 28, 2011

Ellie's first (and maybe ONLY EVER) haircut.

When Polly came to our house the other night to fix our baby's hair, she was kind enough to take that moment of pause which occured when we asked Ellie if she, too, would like to get her hair cut!! I've asked her repeatedly, as she really DOES need a haircut! But she repeatedly says, "no. not yet." And not wanting to traumatize her until it is really, really necessary, I've just let it go.

Polly agreed to just BARELY nip the ends off to make her OK with the next time she needs a haircut, and perhaps, she'll be up to the challenge.

So, it was only going to be about this much.... maybe a 1/2". Seriously, BARELY!

And with my craft scissors, as a matter of fact.

So, we are motoring right along, and we get step one done....

And life seems good and fine.

Everybody is smiles. We think we are done with this project.And then I catch a glimpse of Miss Thang's VERY unlevel ends. Gabbi was in the tub, and she asked Polly to come and bathe her. So, Polly, being the absolute most awesome friend in the world, obliged. That meant about 30 seconds of unattended time with Ellie Sue in the den prior to her coming to join us in the bathroom. Oh, and did I mention there were also some unattended scissors?!

And soooooooo..... I think you know the rest of THAT story!! All I can say is that it could've been MUCH worse!!

She took a chunk out of the side of her hair, but luckily it was on the bottom, so just a little angling did the trick!

Ellie was NOT happy with the outcome, but hey, she made her bed, right?! She had to lie in it!

And after one MORE haircut, we had a final product.Voila! The soft angle! (Right just a weeeee bit shorter than the left!)

This child is making me grey before my time.

Thanks, Polly, for being there to save the day!



Mama J said...

You are just lucky is all I can say. Mom's worst nightmare is a pair of scissors and some time to think....LOL

Glad you had a Pollyanna to save the day!

Zhohn said...

Oh no!! Well let's hope that NEVER happens again.

rebeccabrabb said...

Love it! And love me some Polly. Polly is one of my closest friends, Molly McLemore Blaylock, cousin. And I think she is also my KD sister's, Lynelle McLemore, cousin. I think she gave Bruin his first haircut.

kimybeee said...

that was bound to happen sooner or later. you are lucky it was the back! caitlin took a huge hunk out of the side of her hair!! i thought it was a hairbow she had in it till i picked a blanket up out of the floor and the hair and scissors rolled out! i bought died lol gabbi will have her turn too, but it may be ellie cutting hers lol

snekcip said...

Oh no!! My worst nightmare!! I keep those "boogers" up so high, I think EAGLES could perch on them. Glad to see that everything was "fixable"!

Bella's mommy said...

Oh my! I would have literally cried. We have had the "only Aunt Denny or Ms. Shea will cut your hair"talk with Bella. My child is sooo particular when it comes to her hair, she even freaks if we have to have someone other than Aunt Denny fix her hair for a pageant, lol. She's very vain! I don't think she will ever cut it because she is so obsessive about it, but my biggest fear is that a kid at school will cut it for her! Thank goodness you had Polly there!

Renee said...

I was a teenager and plenty old enough to know better and cut my bangs out of my eyes, only the scissors moved and I cut to the top of my forhead. Not pretty. Glad E's was fixable and she is just really getting you ready for the years to come. LOL