Friday, October 28, 2011

Superstar Barbie.

Ellie Sue has a unique way of playing with her Barbies!! In fact, she rarely (NEVER) plays with one or two. She has to have the WHOLE village in order to have the complete Barbie experience! And this is kind of how it usually looks. Albeit, they are usually between us in the bed. All 20 something of them! But on this night, as I attempted to watch TV, she wanted to make sure I saw her and all of her babies.

Especially one! The one she referred to as "the SUPERSTAR".

Can you tell which one that is?!

And I'll bet you can tell which one Ellie says she is too!



nss said...

Oh the memories..Barbie parts all over the house!
Thanks for the smile. Have a wonderful day!

snekcip said...

I say the SECOND from the right, since she is the in the minority!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Zhohn said...

Goodness sakes!!! You should make her some Barbie clothes ;)
I'd have to guess the super star is the one with the big wings, posing as Ellie sometimes does.

Have a great weekend! No LSU this weekend.

Sam said...

At least they have clothes on!! Emma's never do. I just bought 2 more last night. And the shoes seem a lot smaller than the ones I used to play with!

Sharidrew said...

Barbies creep me out a little! I would say she is most like the one kind of in the middle. Or 8th from the left. It looks like she is wearing a halter top and capri's. And there isn't one in a tank top, so I'm going with that one!! Hilarious that there are at least 3that seem to have no clothes at all!

Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

The "Superstar" has got to be the stand out in the back with the wings!! I would say "Ellie" is ~ I was going to say the one with the black and pink shirt, but then I spotted the one with the leopard'ish top with the BELT ~ Ellie and her accessories, that has got to be her!! ;) At any rate ~ FUN stuff!!

Zhohn said...

Ellie is definitely the one with the black/pink top with the jeans and ponytail (fifth from left).