Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MMPT... I love my job!

This post is all about MMPT... you know I just love to show you all pics of where I work, right?! Well, dang. It's a fun place!! For instance, I show up in the Ruston clinic last week to fill in for a therapist who is out on Continuing Education. Jessi has my room/ bed all ready for my first patient. And when I come in, I see this.... Wanna closer view?! I thought it was hysterical. Get it?! "a mint on the pillow"!?

And then, since I am in "their" clinic and I typically am not, I suppose they celebrated by having custom tattoos made to all wear in my honor!

In case you couldn't tell, they say "Mel". Here Michelle is wearing hers with pride!

Then, Amy and Jessi got in on the action. Amy perfected the
"push your 'extra tissue' around so it looks like your buff" pose!!

Just because I am amazed at the creativity that is abounds in the whole environment of MMPT, I also took some pics of the buckets that were heading out to some of our doctor friends.

The idea for most of these came from Pinterest. I think we need a whole post on Pinterest one day, and today is not the day. But, Jessi does all of our cute designing of anything that is computer generated. Hers are usually CUTER than anything we can find on Pinterest anyway!

These bats are made from Hershey bars.

As are these mummies.

But our shredder.... ? Well, that's a different story altogether!! Not sure what fruitcake did that to our shredder. Nor this to our skeleton.

I just know that when someone walks into our office to pay a bill or whatnot, they must wonder "what in the world?".

And now back over to the WM clinic. This is Kristen. She is our newest employee. Clinical person, anyway. She is a COTA.

And this is Miss Susan. I hate that I didn't get her smiling. She has the prettiest and biggest smile!

Don't worry. I asked everyone's permission before posting these.

Even Miss Sherry, here, who appears to be being tortured, but in actuality is having her neck moblized. And who is now painfree, thankyouverymuch!

And then down in the peds building.... Karl is having some one on one time with Turner!

And Beth and Rebecca discuss very important billing matters, while Rebecca sits and wonders to herself WHY she didn't bring ME a Sonic diet coke!!

This is what the drying area looks like after our toys and tools are cleaned. Ashley perpetually has her "mouth" tools out drying after being cleaned. And apparently her farm animals too!!

And don't forget the all important treat box!! All kids work hard to swing by this place on their way out!!

Ashley has always maintained a little brag board. If the kids do well in speech, they get to choose a sticker and post it on their sheet. I am sure there is more to it than that, but that's what I can get from it.

And then all of her speech kiddos in the West Monroe clinic also made a pumpkin mobile, of sorts, to dangle from the ceiling. I LOVE festive things!! I even had my nai

More speech therapy supplies!

Ashley's Speech Therapy room is always in the spirit!!

A few hats in the big marketing cabinet.

This is a PECS board. Picture Exchange Communication System. (I think). The kid, who is typically non-verbal, will point to or choose the photos which represents what he or she wants to do in the therapy session. In doing so, he is communicating needs, thus decreasing frustration.

I think Patchez may be part hoarder!

And here is the pediatric OT room in the West Monroe clinic.

I just LOVE it when the therapists use holiday activities to help the patients work toward their goals.!! It makes me smile.

We have closets FULL of unique toys and games to meet the needs and ultimately goals of our patients.

This is the rainbow, fun!!, door in the OT room.

This is the IMOT room. I am pretty sure that if you are a long time reader, you know about IMOT. Intense Model of Therapy. It is a cool program, and the equipment in this room is highly unique! Have I ever mentioned that Karl flew one of our cages out to Hollywood years ago and worked with Dick Clark after his stroke?! I don't think I did.

think it's cool that we have Bible verses around our clinic. It sets the tone for who we are and what we believe.

Random pics of the clinic. These balls are piled high on the slide in the peds gym.

I'm not sure why, but I thought I'd share with you the cute paint job in the girls' bathroom in the pediatric building. I painted it!! Years ago! It is kind of in need of an update!! The boys' was preoccupied. It is kelly green and white vertically striped.

HEre's Miss Lauren. I have practically RAISED this girl!! She and I have been in weekly contact for about 17 or so years. Really!!

This cat is almost 80 years old!! And he is PLANKING!! Go ahead, buddy!!

And here's miss Penny. I love that she is ok with so many of us swarming her with cameras!! That's Becky there also This is Hector. He shows up every year about this time. His daddy, Keif, makes sure to bring him up to the clinic to let him freak everybody out a bit. He is seriously the creepiest little dude you could ever imagine!

But I guess having him hanging here where we can all keep an eye on him beats hiding in a closet where you are NOT expecting him to be when you swing that door open!!

Everyone has a few pics of his or her family members at their desk. I just stuck a few 0f my Moo cards on the wall. I LOVE these funky little cards with pics of my sweet babies!! They are actually all over the clinic. These and tiny little stickers with their pictures sprinkle the adult clinic.

And finally, this is me. ANd my buddy, Miss Agnes. I am showing her how to perform her own hamstring stretching using a sheet when she is discharged and leaves us to try and handle her own exercise program at home. Is is weird for any of you to see me in the "work" capacity!? Just wondering.

There's a very definite culture here, and I love it!! I love my job!!



Bj said...

Mo, it is so evident that you truly enjoy what you do....and you help sooooo many people when you do! God bless you my friend with many years of service to others! Thanks for sharing this.....huggers, BJ

Zhohn said...

It's so wonderful that you love what you do so much, that is very important! Love all of the creativity!
Don't think you ever shared the story of Karl and Dick Clark, cool!
Happy Thursday!

Kathryn said...

I can feel the power of love, determination, hope, and fun in your pictures. You are a treasure, and that is that is that!

Tracey said...

Mo, I have spent years taking my son to physical therapy in Virginia. I so wish there was one of your offices here. While his therapist have been good, we have NEVER had anything near the MMPT clinic experience. How wonderful that you make this such a fun place for kids to go!!! You rock!

nss said...

Good Morning! I want to work at MMPT!! Shame it's not in Missouri!
You have a fantastic gift being able to pick your employees. They all shine just like you!
Makes me smile.

snekcip said...

It makes it all the BETTER when you LOVE your job!! It is so evident in your post! I love how everyone is FAMILY and it's more than "just a place to make a paycheck". It's evident that the patients not only are getting the best of care from a fine staff, but enjoy their time there. Definitely a place many of us would LOVE to work or use the facilities if the need arises. It's no wonder that MMPT is given great accolades annually from area residents.

Good Job Mo!! I love to see you change hats and get in "work mode"!! You are awesome!!!

AimeeL said...

Hi Ms. Mel, my name is Aimee Landry and I completed an internship at your West Monroe clinic during the summer of 2010. I just wanted to let you know that I have kept up with your blog and I absolutely love seeing posts about the clinic. I loved my time there and actually remember working with Turner. WOW has he grown!! Please tell Mr. Karl and Ms. Becky, along with everyone at the WM clinic, I said hello and appreciate everything they taught me while I was there. Thank you again- Aimee

kimybeee said...

i enjoy you sharing all aspects of your exciting life. i don't think so many of us would be here following if we didn't. and by sharing your experiences, you inspire others!!!

Beth E. said...

You have no idea just how much I wish we lived closer to one another...I would definitely have Bo at your center!

Thanks for the's always a blessing to see how you help so many people.


Martha from NC said...

Love seeing you in your workplace. Just wish you were closer to NC. You are such an inspiration!