Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting ready for the big day!

Ellie came home and announced promptly that she needed "stuffers and a bag of candy". Then, when I took her to daycare yesterday morning, I asked Miss Donna, "What do they need to bring for the party?", and wouldn't you know she said,"stuffers and a bag of candy"!

That kid of mine doesn't miss a lick!! So, she proceeded to raid our candy cabinet (I'm ashamed to say I had enough to make eight kids BAGfulls of candy!!), and then took some of our new cups and funky straws and got her contribution all wrapped up!

She and Daddy had a little assembly line going! And boy, did she ever feel big?!

Miss Donna said we could forego the bag of candy, I presume because we are bringing EVERYONE a BAG of candy! As for our stuffers, well, we are considering the cup and straw to be ours, thank you very much!

And now we wait! Only a couple more days til the big Hallween party. AND TRICK OR TREATING!!



Zhohn said...

So cute! I love bags and stutters! Best part about Halloween and Christmas parties! That Ellie is smart.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Amy K said...

She's got it all under control. Her & Daddy make a good team.

Hopefully you're not dragging too bad today, since you were up so early this morning. ;) Have a great day!

kimybeee said...

looks like ellie and toddly are getting in the spirit! wonder where ellie gets all that enthusiam? lol have a great halloween!

Bj said...

Great idea with the cups and "stuff".....Toddly is a good daddy fer sure....and Mo, you are an absolutely fantabulous mom!!....huggers, BJ