Friday, October 14, 2011

Monday Camp Creative... Week 2. Earrings.

Week Two.... Camp Creative!! Wanna see it?!
Here's Clara! and Emily!

And my new Monday helper, Sarah!! Sarah will be with me every Monday til we are all finished up!

And Kaitlyn!

Who does NOT play when it comes to her art time!! This kid is serious about her arts!! She would NOT accept my suggestions regarding putting certain colors together. She has very stronf opinions regarding her color choices. ANd to that, I say, "Okie Dokie!".

This is Ema.

And a pair of her newly designed earrings!

Oh, and wouldya check out Clara's new earrings?!

Because these kids work pretty fast, I also provided an opportunity for them to use some Halloween beads and to make their own cards on which to present them.

I think Clara may be "presenting" them to herself!

Emilee is giving some to her teacher for Christmas.

And I think to a good friend.

Lydia is giving hers to her mom, big sister, and a friend. Lydia likes her earrings LONG!!

Karissa couldn't keep a secret at ALL! Her mom wasn't in the door five minutes and she was already ruining the Christmas surprise!! In fact, I saw a pair on her mom's ears the NEXT day at work!

Oh well, it's their party!

Won't these just be precious for their friends at school!?

Ema is my little prefectionist?! I mean, look at the heart beside her name!!

And the way she strategically holds the cards to ensure that each are seen. She is fun to work with.

Roane is another one who loves those long earrings!!

Funny how both she and Lydia have high school aged friends, so they are used to seeing them and their friends wear those long puppies!

Even Roane, herself, wanted to wear hers long!

The fun part was having all these beads out on the table and letting them go at it to find the combinations they wanted to design the earrings. In fact, to avoid having to put all these mismatched beads back into their little homes, I think I am going to offer a local class for anyone interested in coming to make a few pair of earrings. If you're local and want to partake, email me....

These are Ellie's.

She had some majorly mismatchd earrings, as in different beads on each one, that she insisted I complete for her.

When she walked away, I tried switching the beads to make the earrings match. She immediately said, "Where's my orange bead?". DOn't think that kid didn't know EXACTLY what she had put on that headpin and wanted them the way she wanted them!! After all....

Creative people lihe her don't miss details... like a big huge dot over their "i"!!

And because I wanted them to learn to make their own little cards, I had them use a paper cutter to cut the cardstock and a mini hole punhcer to add the holes for the earrings. How cute is this card?!

Oh, yeah... and those are the earrings!

I had my earrings out to explain the difference between eyepins and headpins. Can you believe how many earrings I have?!

Then, once they kind of grasped the concept, I brought out the goodies.

Explained to them about using the cards to display them and to eventually wrap them for Christmas.

And let the good times roll!

Be watching tomorrow for the Wednesday class. There was a different energy in jewelry making than in doing canvases.

I was really surprised to find out that some actually liked this day MORE than the last one. And as is always the case with artists, some preferred day one. Ce la vie. (did I spell that right?!)



Amy K said...

Cute! They did an awesome job. Oh gifted teacher, you must be very proud.

connie said...

i would love for you to send me a jewlery kit ear rings that is i love making them if i lived close to you i would be there in a heart beat ohh today is my birthday 50 you have some awesome beads too i love seeing them. so pick out anything to send to me lol i love love beading.. the girls did a wonderful job in making their ear rings so so cute... i cant wait to see more pics and read what yall did.. i would love to come to one of your art retreats. i would be in heaven for sure.. thanks for sharing with us your retreats..

Our 3 Miracles said...

This is too cute! I love how they are planning to give their work of art to others. I wish we lived closer, we're in the frozen North, because my kiddoes would love an art retreat! Keep up the good work, you are obviously teaching these little hearts more than just art but the act of giving as well. These kids will learn lessons to last a lifetime. I LOVE it!

Becky said...

Fun times!!!

SK said...

You may want to check out I saw some of her necklaces on 3 ladies today and they are beautiful. The designer was with the lady and like you she chooses charms based on the wearer's likes and personalities. Her style is different than yours but really pretty.