Thursday, October 13, 2011

Women's Art Retreat.

oH MY!! What a pretty picture of me! And yet, I post it anyway!! So let me tell you about the little art day I had with Nora and her peeps last weekend. I asked her not to wear her gorilla shirt, but she insisted!

Just kidding about that!! This group came to a paint party in their CHURCH clothes!!! Must've hit their heads!

And to fill their class (I usually like to have about 7), I also had Paige and her friend from Arkansas, fill the group. She and Julianne had told me that they wanted to come down or a paint instruction, but they didn't have 7 to come together. I am now just keeping a little list of folks who have asked me to join a group and plan to just put them together. It'll make a great place to meet new people anyway.

That is Paige, above. She seems to be really studying her painting. One little lesson and suddenly she's an art critic! And below, is Julieanne. I gotta say, I must be some kind of good teacher, cause the paintings that have been leaving my awesome turquoise artroom lately have been really, really good!

Nora is adding the final touches to her painting. In her gorilla shirt!

This is Paula. She was the lucky one who got the full sized apron. I really must invest in some more of these!!

Brittany sat out in her vehicle when she first got here and said something along the lines of "I didn't know if I could come in with my drink." No, Brittany, we do NOT tolerate drinking in THIS house!! Ha. Just playin with you, sista!

Adding stencils for the final touch.

I have GOT to start seling these puppies!! Every time I teach a class, they keep on accumulating!!

Hey, good job, Paula. And would ya look at Paige's canvas?! I am so proud of her for jumping out there with a turquoise background!

Chastity adding some stencils and maybe a few droplets on her canvas. And Donna, the warden, monitoring her from afar.

Chastity also reads the blog. So, she was already a teacher's pet.

As was Paigi-poo.

And the final product.... WOW!!

Paige, I hope you get a crew together and come back for another paint party for a Christmas canvas. Maybe all you lousy Hogs can get up a roadtrip!!

I'm just messin with Paige.. She is a blog reader, so I liked her from the get go.

As is usually the case, we did a bunch of hanging out in the kitchen. Also snacks were involved.

As was a big, fat house tour!! Those who read the blog want to check out the BAH. And as is typically the response, several said that photos on my blog don' t really show the actual layout of the house very well. Seems that maybe everyone will have to swing on down to LA and check it out for themselves!! Speaking of...

I intend to take some time out tomorrow to lay out the next year's art retreats... ALL of them. One per quarter. So, stay tuned, as you may want to put your names on a list for 2012. That should give you plenty of time to make arrangements!

Hey, Julieanne. That is awesome!

And know what I liked best about Nora's?! I thought the swirlies she added to the bottom made it look like Cinderella's carriage!

Way to go, Nora!! Nice job, Picasso!

And Donna may have been the hardest nut to crack! I think she may have a few OCD tendencies. Donna, just sayin'!

Leigh Ann, please just tell her it is great, or we may be here all night!
Just kidding, Donna!! Really, Donna is just a perfectionist and had trouble letting go to just squirt those swirls right on and "let er rip, taterchip". Once she did, I think she was very pleased with her results. And rightly so.

Leigh Ann, I was quite impressed with yours also!! I mean, really, can you see how great all these ladies have done?! And hopefully, they have learned a few things that will give them the skill to replicate a canvas on their own!

So, thanks, ladies, for all the fun we had last Sunday.

I appreciate your all coming and trusting me and allowing me to share what I know about painting.

It was very nice to meet all of you!

Hope to see you again.



Unknown said...

Hey! I have a group of girls from Ruston that want to come paint. We saw you in Canton but were too chicken to come say hi. We all read your blog & got to talking on the way home about your art retreat & how we would love to come. I'm not sure we could do a whole weekend but we would love to come & do a canvas...maybe a Christmas one. My email is I would love details. Thanks so much!
Amanda Barham

Riley said...

Oh Mo! I've been catching up from the past few days of blogs. You sure are in plan it mode having art retreats planned for all of next year! Now that I've gone to an art retreat, some of my peeps want to go too! Prepare for a 2012 visit!! There's plenty more for me to learn - especially in the paint handwriting department! I've spent the past two weekends trying to teach others how to paint canvases like you taught me. So far the results have been pretty good! You were a great teacher! I'll send you some of my posts about those weekends. Oh yeah, and your owl paintings are ADORABLE! And I don't really like owls.

Theresa Shirley said...

Woo-hoo! Can't wait to see the dates for the 2012 retreats!!! I certainly hope to be able to come to one :)

Amy K said...

Lovely painting ladies!

Yes! Looking forward to hearing the 2012 dates.

Amy K said...

Oh yeah, I think you need personalized MoZart cool would that be?

Bj said...

Awesome job girls!! The more "punkin" pictures I see....the more I love them. Seems they kinda grow on ya! Who knows, maybe I will get to come to the BAH someday too.....huggers, BJ

Anonymous said...

Great job everyone! Looking good!

Paula Griffing said...

I enjoyed the entire evening. Thanks so much. We will definitely be back!!!

snekcip said...

I'm so THERE next year!!! I'm wondering if there will be a "scrapbooking" retreat? I just unearth a TON of pictures while rearranging my living area!! It was one of HUGE COMFORTER bag of portraits I 7 thick big vanilla envelopes full of portraits!! I so need to get on this!! Like seriously!!!

julia shoemake said...

Mo I am In this time nothing is stopping me.let me know when the next retreat is.

AngelaR said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time. You are amazingly talented. I hope one day to be able to afford the ticket from Nevada and the retreat. Fingers crossed!

Becky said...

I need you to come to Minnesota and help paint/decorate and color coordinate my house!!!!