Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wednesday's Jewelry Designers!

Week Two. Continued!! And when I swung by the Ruston clinic earlier in the day, Jessi had a board up with great little quotes for people to snag and take along for encouragement. This is the one I chose. I digress. Let me introduce you to two cutie pies from the second art group of the day... MollyAnn and Maddie.

They got right on in there and started choosing their beads!

I am pretty sure you all know this one!

And this is Angel Grace. Little did we know how much she would LOVE long earrings!! Just wait til you see this one's choices.

And Paige was another one who picked some seriously long earrings. I hope their moms don't kill me! Peace sign, bird, hearts, all the things that are so cool these days.

Angel Grace's first ones. She was just getting warmed up!

But I love that she came right over with her own design. Very bravely and confidently, like and "here ya go"!

Emma (yes those are fake nails... DO NOT let my child see these!!), chose some purple and gold ones for her mama to wear to the next LSU soiree.

And seeing as how we will be attending the LSU/ Auburn game next weekend, she's gonna need them!

The other Emma in the group was one of those who takes her time to choose the most perfect bead combinations!!

I would totally wear these!!

Molly Ann did great!! ANd this was her first day!

This is her little sister, Ramie Jo. Ramie Jo was one of those who slaps those suckers together quickly!! She and her sis are polar opposites in their artsy styles!

Maddie has already chosen the ones shse intends to keep!! Green crystals with "LOVE" hanging from the ends.

I am not sure Maddie will be able to part with those peace sign earrings either!! My guess is that they will all be on her earring tree at her house!! This is Mollie climbing across the table to get her Chrismtas cards. My girls are SERIOUS about their jewelry design!

Love these little white beads with the spiders on them.

ANd now let me show you... Angel Grace. Please note the look of G.L.E.E on her face!!

Her conservative mama nearly peed her pants when she showed up and saw these dangling from her ears!! I had to remove the teeny tiny diamond studs from her ears to put these in. And then she'd sling her head all around to feel them dangle on her neck.

Her mama said, "Coming from a mama who cut her teeth on a basketball, I have NO IDEA where she got this love of earrings and bling". Trust me, Cindy, I have the same question about my kid and her love of all things hoochie!

I LOVE them, Angel Grace!

Well, Hellloooooo, Movie Star!!

Cute fall earrings!

And these Celtic ones from Molly Ann for her mama are really cute.

I think maybe she's found her talent!

This is my friend, Robin. She picked up two of her girls. She has FOUR girlies!!

And Emma Claire was the last to go, but again, she has to make very slow and deliberate decisions regarding the beads for her earrings.

And it showed! Hers turned out really great.

And did I mention that Staci was my helper for the day? Mary Allsion is going to start next week, I think, but Staci came today to help me with the 40ish pair of earrings that we made in that hour.

And with Staci comes Staci's monkey!! Here are the THREE monkeys... the ones who don't get here til right at the end of Camp Creative each week, else a TORNADO! Next week, hair accessories!!


P.S. I have no idea how I managed to leave Lexi out of all the photos. I suppose it's gonna happen from time to time!! And the only one I had of Mollie was of her climbing over a table. ?!? I'll try to do better!! Mo


Zhohn said...

Very very cute! Love seeing all of the diffrlerent personalities. Can't wait to see hair accessories next week.

Did I read right, y'all are going to the game next week??... who all is going? (I know it's not just you and Paula!!)

Oh, and love the three monkeys!

Kathryn said...

Precious! And, still holding MA close.

Amy K said...

"all things hoochie"!!! LOL!

Cute creations!

Beth E. said...

I think you are doing such a wonderful thing, Mo, teaching these young girls to find the creative talent that is in them all...perhaps if someone had done that for me, I might have figured out what talent I have! ;-)

You are such a blessing!

Robin Moore said...

Thanks so much for teaching these classes. Mollyann and Raimee Jo absolutely loved it!

Jenifer Evans aka jennaroo said...

Hi, I just stumbled accross your blog again. Red showed it to me a while back, my Grandmother is his wife Margie. I was just admiring your photo's great stuff here. If you'd like to pop by and say hello my blog is