Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monday Camp Creative. Hair accessories

Week three... may be my personal favorite yet!! Cause, buddy, I can DIG walking into a room full or art supplies, namely, feathers, felt, fabrics, netting, buttons, leather, etc... and being told, "Go for it"!!

And that was pretty much the instruction for this week. Sarah and I showed them how to make a variety of flowers, wrap headbands with fabric, and to make a really cute headband with feathers, then stood back and let them just go to town.

Clara was the first to have her headband designed. I let them pick out their feathers, then I assembled them for them.

Ema was next.

Emily, was busy wrapping her headband in zebra fabric. She was my little worker bee on this day!

Roane is one of those who immediately wants to know "how many can we make?". And buddy, she is then off to the races. She takes this art time very seriously!!

Isn't this a cute little toulle headband?

This is Ema's. I love it. She is my perfectionist, remember? So, her designs are always crisp and clean and symmetrical and tidy! So funny how one's personality is demonstrated in their art!

Clarissa chose short little pointy feathers. I had each girl also decide whether they wanted their feathers to drop down below their natural hair of if they wanted it to be the actual length of their hair.A lot of the girls jumped on the ol' LSU themed head gear!!

And well, I don't think I have to mention that feathers are ALL the rage!!

It was so cute watching them all as they pilfered through the piles of toulle and material!!

They work pretty independently!! This includes scissors, ....

AND hot glue guns!! WHY. WHY. WHY. Did i go so many years without someone introducing me to the LOW TEMP hot glue gun!? It does the same job without burning the pads of your fingertips off!! I had four of them plugged up for this class, and the girls felt like big shots!

I mean, seriously?! I would BUY either one of these!!

And check out Ellie. LOVE that LSU one!!

She is definitely my free spirited one. Let that girl loose with a glue gun and some fabric, and stand back cuz you don't know WHAT you bout to get!!

Very cute little headbands!! The girls were mentally going through the days of the week and the outfits they had that would coordinate with their hair accessories! They were all so fired up!

Sarah and I were too!! We both made ourselves LSU head jewelry for the home game this past weekend!

Pacey joined us this week and will be with us from now til early December.

Oh. And we covered buttons with fabric. I swear, that is my new obsession. It is so easy and has such an immediate and CUTE result!

As the parents started rolling in, the girls were lining up to show me what all they'd made.

These were Kaitlyn's.

Isn't she a cute little thing. JinJin hired her to go to the high school football game this past weekend to help with the three little ones in the stands. Child labor, JinJin!

But the BUSY BEE award MUST be awarded to Emily!!! She went home with THIRTEEN new hair accessories!!

This baby girl was NOT playin'!! She was on a mission!

Kaitlyn's little feather headband turned out really cute!

Pretty funny how Kaitlyn saw our new nametags and quickly asked, "Can I write 'helper' on mine?". I said, "sure", but before I could even say much more, she had already slapped it on there. Remember? She was my in-class helper for her group on jewelry week. Anyway, you should've seen the regret on her face when I said, "Aww, man, Kaitlyn!! I was going to suggest you put 'art assistant' on it"!

And then this little one came in and designed several new hair clips. Don't you even think she's gonna be left out of the fun!!

Super fun day!! In fact, the goodies are still out, because I can't seem to stop playing with it all! This week.... Halloween scrapbooks!! Oh, and it's 11:11. Hey JAKE!!



Bj said...

Looks like good fun was had by all!! Thank you Mo, for being the kind of example you are to all these kiddos....they will always remember the good times had at your BAH.....huggers, BJ

Kris said...

They look like they are having a great time and the goodies they are making are awesome!