Monday, October 24, 2011

MMPT vs. Todd Groves.

Didn't I mention that Todd really hates to have his picture taken? And did I mention that he hates to have a big spectacle made out of himself or his birthday or anything of the such?!

Well, that is precisely why everyone at the office decided to post pictures of him EVERYWHERE, as well as wear stickers with his face on them all day long.

And everywhere he went, we tried to take his picture or hug him, or sing to him, etc.

He just LOVED that!

Oh look. There's another one!

ANd did I mention we had balloons on his desk when he got there?!

And a stack of about 25 MORE flyers should he decide to continue tearing them down wherever he saw them!

The office group got him all kinds of goodies.

I mean, at this office,of all places, you cannot act like you DON"T like attention and expect not to get it!

He could've crawled under his desk!

And have you noticed we are a little female heavy in this place?!

I think deep down he wouldn't want it any other way!

He got all things LSU... includeing LSU grilling tools, and LSU garden gnome that is going to find a home amongst my mums!!

Another thing he loves is for people to stand by and watch him. He LOVES that too!

WAIT!! Last week was also Boss's Day!! ANd would you look at what I got?! I mean, my people KNOW me!! I had already taken two BIG bags of M&M's an Reeses downstairs for all to indulge, as well as about three Fraps and a couple of diet cokes. I was singing, "These are a few of my favorite things"!!!

Ok, back to watching Ellie Sue design wedding gowns on my iphone with a new app!!

Until tomorrow.



Amy K said...

laughing...poor (but loved) Todd! Glad he had a wonderful day.

Bj said...

WEDDING GOWNS????? YIKES!! That girl amazes me....she is such a sweet hoot! Reading your blog in the morning with my coffee always starts my day off with a warm you guys!....huggers, BJ

Zhohn said...

I'm with Todd, Indonesia not like attention to be on me!
Love your basket of goodies, yummy!


I hope Todd had a great Birthday. Happy belated bosses day to you :) and Your daughter will be a designer one day. With her fasion sense and love of clothes its just in her:)

Theresa Shirley said...

Love it! Poor Todd--I feel for him with ALL those women! haha Ellie is just practicing for her future job. That girl will for sure be designing something, and probably set a record for the youngest one ever :)

snekcip said...

Me and the Mosquito's have had brkfst and enjoying the blog this morning! Yeah they are THAT bad here, they are even here in the office!!! It's INHUMANE!! For me...not them!!!

Renee said...

Looks like Todd the Bod had a great birthday and you had a great Bosses' day too.

Kaia said...

haha! Poor guy!