Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween/Fall decorations.

Little news here. So, I took pictures all around my house to share with you (as if you really care!), my fall decorations. First, my buddy, Cindy, went with me to Hobby Lobby to help me get the goodies for this arrangement. She has a knack for that kind of thing! This is an awesome pumpkin!! I got it in Canton last year. The picture really doesn't do it justice. It is HUGE. ABout 24" or so wide. She's a beaut!

And these scarecrows were bought for outside or actually for my clinics. But, since the fireplace is rather massive, it always needs a BIG arrangement for decoration. So, these dudes took the place of honor.

I always pull out my Halloween pictures from years past. I just keep them in the Halloween frames and tuck them away until the next year's season. That way, I get to kind of be surprised all over again.

Ellie's decorations are pretty simple. A spider on her lamp, a straw-like pumpkin on her shelf and a wreath on her door. Actually, I have now added a couple of the cute clay figurines I bought in Canton onto that shelf as well.

Here's the wreath.Both of the girlies have this wreath on their doors. Now, onto Gabbi Girl's room. I loved this owl, as it went with the overall theme of her room, yet gave us some black and orange to get the season started.

I keep these guys up yearround, and I have shifted from collecting all of them to collecting primarily Halloween ones.

I hung this cute little bat on GG's chandelier.

And somehow this tutu made it onto our rocking horse's neck. I liked it, so it got to stay!

Then, in the kitchen, on the mantle above the stove, I added a garland and another scarecrow. Can you see that partially painted jeep in the middle? That was Jake's gift to me at some point, because I drove a black Hummer when I was going back and forth to see him.

There is also a tiny little photo of Todd when he was in elementary school. And far right is a teeny tiny canvas I painted of a pumpkin. And here's another teensy frame with Jakey poo.

I bought these cups at a major sale at Pier 1. Not because we drink out of coffee cups, but because I could not resist them. They've just been sitting on the counter ever since I bought them. I think they make nice decorations in and of themselves.

I have this cool G pumpkin in the kitchen as well.

Outside my artroom is a black wreath with a center piece that says something to the effect of the Witch is In or such.

I bought my mums, and have already had to replace them once because it is super duper hot here! All of these mums were replaces already too. The second go round is much prettier. Trust me on this.

I love this netting stuff in place of the usual web stringy junk I use every year.

These mums are also dead, but I havent' gotten around to replacing them yet. I need a groundskeeper!

I have lots of fake pumpkins all over the place, because we have not gotten around to going to the Pumpkin Patch yet, but we WILL!

Pumpkin patch photos are a MUST year after year! Speaking of photos, this is me and Todd as rock and rollers when we were first married.

I could've used this stuff EVERYWHERE!!! I need some for my staircase and the railing upstairs. That'd be so awesome! Alas, I took all the extras to my clinics instead.

I do believe I have mentioned how many skeletons I have purchased this year. Most of which are now Ellie's play purties.

JinJin, Mo, and Staci at St. Jude when the entire extended family went as LSU fanatics.

I L.O.V.E. these little ornaments that I bought at Canton. I intend to make a whole, whole bunch of these!! And the pumpkins were just hung with gingham ribbon hot glues onto the stem.

Cindy Lou Who also did this arrangement.

And finally, the front of my house. Imagine the pending pergola is over the entrance as it someday will be. And voila... the front doors.

Love these little homemade wreaths. Cheap middle ornaments from Michael's.

Dangit. There's another one!

Oh, and this is Esperilla, one of my newest collectibles. Love her!

And last but not least, two more frames I keep in my Halloween box in the attic until time to take it all out. These pictures were from last year's trick or treating. I don't think the chicas are going to do themey costumes this year. :( I suppose this is my first year of MANY to be left out totally of the dressing up as a threesome. A sign of them growing up!

Have a good weekend. ANd GOOOOO, Tigers!! LSU that is...Goin down, Auburn!



Zhohn said...

Really enjoyed this post! Love seeing all the decorations and old pics.
Geaux Tigers!

Amy K said...

Beautiful decor Mo! Thanks for sharing.

Just curious...where do you get your awesome photo canvases?

Marti said...

Love the decorations! We have the same initial pumpkin- love Hobby Lobby.

War Eagle!!

Bj said...

Mo, your BAH is absolutely beautiful! I never tire of looking at your pictures of it and of course, the girlies! Here's hoping you and yours have a "Spook-tacular" holiday!! .....huggers, BJ

kimybeee said...

very pretty decorations!!! love all your little touches!

i love the change of seasons, but christmas/winter is my season to decorate!! we even have a new wvu tree this year, so i have been searching for cheap ways to fill that one. i have so many christmas trees and so many critters that i don't use them all every year now for fear of destruction!!

Debbie said...

Beautiful home and decorations, Mo. I hsaw the initial pumpkins today at Hobby Lobby and wanted one but they only had 1 B and it was broke :(

God Bless~

Martha from NC said...

Love, love, love the decorations! You do an incredible job going from one season to the next. Can't wait to see Christmas pretties!!

Marilyn Reynolds said...

Love seeing pictures of your beautiful home...Thanks for sharing..