Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dancing with the girlies.

Dancing. It's worth it if I don't do anything else but get to look at my kids in leotards! I just don't know if there is anything cuter. Seriously!

And where most people only get to look at their one little tiny tot at dancing every week, I get to take TWO!! And let me tell you, I am RELISHing this time with them!

I was DETERMINED to back down my work hours this year and really take the time to focus on being with my girls more and RELISHing this last year I have with Ellie Sue before she goes to kindergarten next year.

It's been awesome to be able to take them to dancing on my own, without having to rely on Daddy or JinJin or someone else to get them there or take them home.

You gotta understand, I have been a working mom for the past three years. And for the 15 years prior to that too!! I am a worker!

But in 2011, I have been a MAMA! ANd I have LOVED it!

Ellie actually makes comments like, "Mama, are you 'actually' (yes she uses such a word apppropriately!!) going to take us to dancing yourself?". Or, "Mom, I really love it when you get to pick us up from dancing yourself."

Let's face it, it just doesn't get any sweeter than that!! She recognizes who takes her and picks her up and really loves it when it gets to be mama.

And Baby girl, Mama RELISHes it too!

This is William. He is Breanna's fourth child. He is the sweetest, calmest, easiest baby EVER!

Bre and I are committing to doing an entirely handmade Christmas tree to be auctioned off at this year's fundraiser for the Ballet Company.

More on that in a sec. The little sprouts start arriving.

And while most are going to be at dancing for an hour, the Groves settle on in for back to back dancing times at 12:00 and 1:30 on Wednsedays. I have to find ways to entertain the sister while the other one is in class.

Breanna and I huddle on the floor every week for our shared hour and make ornaments for our tree.

I am sure the other mamas think we are psycho!

And then the door opens, signifying the clas is over.

At this point, I wanted to RELISH Gabs knowing that I was there and waiting especially for HER!! I handed the camera to Ellie Sue, so check out her perspective.

How'd THIS happen?! Maybe I grabbed the camera for a sec?! Breanna, William and Hazel. Renee and Elijah are the missing kiddos.

I love that Ellie Sue captured this!

This is Ella Kate and her mom, Cynthia, from across the street.

I also think it is the sweetest when a granddad is responsible for getting the girls to and from their classes. I miss my Poppa!

I took the next two for my friend Marty. Todd graduated with him from high school, and he is one of the few with a "baby" as young as ours. He is usually at dancing waiting on his baby to get out too.

Can't wait for the recital!! Gabbi's first!! Gonna RELISH that too!



Debbie said...

Wow, Gabbi girl is almost the size of Ellie now!! So cute!! They look so cute in their lil leotards.
Hope Todd had a great birthday!!!

God Bless~

Zhohn said...

They're adorable! So glad you are able to take the girls yourself.
Happy Friday!

Amy K said...

So happy for you being able to delve into your mama time this year with the sweetest babies ever!

Theresa Shirley said...

Good for you girl--glad that you are able to scale back your working hours to spend time with those precious girls! They look so cute in their leotards :) Boy, for sure you can tell they LOVE their MAMA!!!! Sending much love from Georgia :)

Jody Hayworth said...

So sweet! I love reading about girlie events since I have 4 boys and have never set foot in a dance studio! :) Enjoy your precious time together!

nineisenuff said...

Your 'actually' comment reminded me of the time my middle daughter was 2. I asked her if she wanted a drink of water, and she said, "Actually, me want milk" She turns 13 today. You are so right to RELISH your time with them, because they will be 13 in the blink of an eye!

snekcip said...

Awwww so sweet! While dance was wonderful for us last year, this year the "time slot" was not "pre-k friendly". It worked when she was in daycare, but when school ends at 3:25 and dance class begins @ 3:30 it was SERIOUSLY (Bre's favorite word) impossible UNLESS I picked her up in a leer jet to get her there on time. Plus the fact, I work until 5:00! I'm relishing being able to find a gymnastics class for Bre (and there is no doubt this is her niche! Those little muscular legs/calves are perfect for this!! Besides it accomodates a working mom's schedule. She is loving mom taking her to class and waiting in the "loft" for her. I love how she looks up to find me and blows me kisses all while balancing on a beam. I can NEVER get enough of that! Never!!

Keep enjoying those girls and Happy Friday to ya!!!