Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Around our house.

I considered saving this photo til the end, but I figured, I am gonna get killed either way, so I might as well just get it over with.... so, here it is! I bought us a "The Situation" and a "Snooki" wig to potentially wear for Halloween. I knew good and well when I bought it, because he would NOT dress up with me for anything!! In fact, I was LUCKY to get a pic snapped of him in this one. I hate I wasn't as lucky when he put on the Snooki!!

Typcially, Todd is putting hands in front of his face, or hiding himself behind a kid or a pillow.

Like this...

Or this...

Since they wouldn't cooperate, I went to check on Gabbi Girl. When I got to her room, this is what I saw!

I kinda find it hysterical that my 4 year old (who has done this for at least a year!), lays out her clothes every single day. And now, she is also helping with Gabbi Girl's too!

Complete with accesories, socks, and shoes.

Atta girl, GG. SHE'll smile for me!

I have NO IDEA where she gets it!


Oh... and might I add... today is Todd the Bod (or Situation)'s 42nd birthday!! He is the sole man in the house, and he definitely does a good job taking care of his girls!! We love you, daddy! You are fun, smart, handy, and cook us great meals!! What would we ever do without you!? We love you. Mama, Ellie and Gabbi Lou


kimybeee said...

happy birthday to toddly!!!!

i love the cowboy boots!!! and looks like ellie does a great job!

Beth E. said...

Happy birthday to Todd the Bod!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday, Todd the Bod.
Oh my goodness, they way she lays those clothes out is histerical!!! I love it! That is one special girl. She is a hoot, just like her Mom.
I come to your blog to get a smile and laugh, and you NEVER disappoint me!!!
I love your family!!!

God Bless~

Amy K said...

Happy Birthday Todd! I love the pic you're going to get killed for.
Ellie's choice of outfits for her & GG are great - love the cowboy boots.

Zhohn said...

Hope Todd had a great birthday!

Ellie is so smart and independent. That's very helpful. She didn't lay your clothes out also, did she? LOL

Bj said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODD!! Here's hoping that you have many many more! Mo, I love the pics....can't get enough of them, so keep'em coming!.....huggers, BJ

Kris said...

Happy birthday to Todd! Love the cowboy boots.

Juanda said...

Happy Birthday Todd,you are certainly the Super Glue Guy that has maintained a house full of cuties together so well,and you seem to always do it your way,silently and positively.I like your style......

Sharidrew said...

I wrote on his facebook wall. I hope he doesn't think I'm a creeper for saying he's a great girly daddy. Because even though I haven't met you guys in person. I feel like I "know" you enough to say something like that! Anyway, I hope he has a great day filled with golf and sun! I love the clothes laid out! I do that for my son. But he doesn't wear accessories! LOL.

Hugs from Missouri,

coolgirl2011 said...

Happy Birthday Mr.Todd.Yours the day before mine.
Love Ellies sense of style

jmckemie said...

Happy Birthday to Todd! Waht a blessed daddy he is. Makes a good "Situation", too!

snekcip said...

I just sent him a FB shout out!! LOL!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN TODD!!!!

PS Love the way Ellie lays out her clothes, heck I just have a hard time just making Bre stand on BOTH feet in the morning! Ellie is very independent!! LOVE IT!!!

LOVE THOSE BOOTS!!! Do share where you found those cute shoes!!!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Todd!!
My husband can certainly feel your pain in being the only male in the house with three girls (not including me)but, like Todd he is a happy man who loves his girls (we are lucky for sure).
Ellie is BEYOND a trip with all that she does. She is seriously advanced for her age. I wonder how long Gabbi will let Ellie pick out the outfits before she adds her style to them??
The girls are just the cutest little dolls - and I never tire of seeing their pictures.
Have a wonderful time celebrating Todd's big day.
Diana from Colorado

Renee said...

Happy Birthday Todd the bod. Pink is definitely GG's color. One of my fav pics of her so far. And why do you doubt Ellie Sue's fashion expertise. Sista got it goin' on!