Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Art room with girls.

Remember my pictures from Canton? I have heard from several people when they come over to my house and see this deer that they thought I was just kidding about buying it. Well, here's the proof!! Todd getting it all centered up on my artroom wall. I just KNEW it needed to come live in my artroom when I saw it!
And I also bought this little character. ANyone who has followed this blog over the years knows that I sort oof collect these little cuties. And by the way, Indigo Twins... I have been meaning to tell you CONGRATS for being featured in a magazine lately. Was it a Somerset mag?! I can't remember, but I definitely recognized your work and was like, "HEY! I know them!". Even though, in the literal sense, I guess I really don't. I still want you two to come to Louisiana and do a retreat to teach us how to make these cute things!!

Ok. Moving on... Just another typical day at Mo's house!

Emma shows up with a friend to do an art project, with Bo bobbling along behind her about to pass out from the 300 yard walk across the yard!! That is one F.A.T. dog!!

It was no time at all before two other little monkeys had joined the show!

Lucky for all of them, I keep extra projects around all the time. I love it that I have people who love me and know me and call me when there are Dollar Spot items that I may need to check out for my kids' projects!! Thanks, Kimie!!

Piper didnt' get to participate in Camp Creative this time around, but maybe later!! She still gets to reap some of the rewards because she is one of my weekend regulars with Emma Lou.

And this little pipsqueak right here would paint that piece of wood for about 3 hours. And it could be turned about 6 different colors in the process. She LOVES to paint "I wanna paint myself". I think that means "by myself".

And this one really likes to paint too, but honestly, it's all about being with the big girls!

I drew this little fleur de lis on her board, and I was rather stunned at what a good job she did making it actually LOOK like a fleur de lis, even using paint and a paintbrush.


And then she started doing her houses. I swear, she really amazes me!!

See? Now it's brown! Just sayin'!

I went through the basic principles of the color wheel with Camp Creative, and was amazed when Todd the Bod wanted me to explain it to him!! Analagous colors, complimentary colors, primary colors, warm vs. cool, etc.

I'm not just saying this because I'm her mom.... Hahahaha... yes I am!! She is really talented!! For a four year old, painting houses without even drawing them on the paper first. Go, child, go!

Adding a door and a tree...I mean, really!!

the finished products. Not sure what they will do with these monogram plaques, but it helped busy up a Sunday afternoon!

And I got to finish up this little number for Mancy to give as a gift for Christmas. If you have canvas requests, better start getting 'em sent in to me. I'm ready to paint!

Peace Out. ANd have a good Wednesday!! It's dancing day around here!



Bj said...

Mo, I just love the way you make folks always feel welcome at your BAH! Imma gonna have to come have coffee with you some cool crisp morning (I live in Minden)lol! You are such a "people person" and I love that Southern Belle charm....you go girl!....huggers, BJ

Anonymous said...

I love how you are introducing the arts to kids. I think there is nothing as awesome as kids creating...they are so free and uninhibited. Yes, we were in Sommerset Holidays and Celebrations magazine and we would love to come down south to show you how to make some clay folk art pieces. Keep up all of your great and inspiring work!

Sandy P said...

My son's 2nd grade teacher have BELIEVE in several places around her class room. I think I am going to have to get her a canvas. I gotta figure out what exactly to do first.