Monday, October 17, 2011

Lawdy... at the modeling!

Since we had Madi in our last post, I figured, let's show a little more of this cousin thang!Let me start by saying, my kid thinks these Hello Kitty camis are the "cat's meow" regarding nightware. She thinks it makes her really "big".

She just came out of nowhere with this model walk. WHAT the....??

and then POW. And ...


and shebang!!....

And all the while with puckered lips!! Naturally.

I'd say she has that pose down pat!!

and look at Madi trying it now.

I think it's funny that they are all gathering outside this door.

Guess who's in there.

Aha. There it is!!

He thinks if he hides out, the girls in the house won't find him. Silly, silly boy!

And then, apparently, Gabs fixed herself a spot of tea, and they all went for a little golfcart ride.

At least over to the Fords house anyway.

there is always a house full here! John is in from LSU (about 3 1/2 hours away), so when that happens, all his old high school buds come by too!!

Another reason I went over was because it was time for the annual pumpkin contest. RIGHT up my allley!

Madi has been going through this posing phase. ANd I mean, this girl has got it goin on!

Get it girl. Work it.

And here's the "almost" finished pumpkin project!!

Emma had to slim up those hips, add stuffing to the legs, and add ballet shoes.

Yep. I think she's a beaut.



Cassie12 said... so cute!!! I love how Gabbi is trying to get in on the action too!!! Susan

connie said...

so so so cute of the girls modeling the sleepwear they are so cute and i love the pumkin that yall decorated i love reading your blogs have a great week.

Amy K said... had me laughing right out loud this morning.
This post is overflowing with girly cuteness.
Great pumpkin artistry!

Jodi said...

I give ES a week until she is sporting two different colored socks; was that Emma in the picture? I say this week! Too funny. You are going to have your hands full when she's about six. She's a hoot!

Mbeaty19 said...

No matter how many times I see Ellie and her crazy antics it still amazes me all her 'big girl' knowledge. I mean really who can master those modeling poses at that age. She's such a leader to - Just look how Gabbi & Madi try to copy her. Yes you have your hands full and I can only imagine what each passing months and years are going to be like.

Theresa Shirley said...

hahaha---love how Gabbi is trying her best to do it too! She looks like she is studying every move Ellie makes. Too funny! Poor, poor Todd with ALL those girls--and you KNOW the house will always be full of them...he might as well just not even try to hide! :)

Susantwilhelm said...

Gabbie is trying so hard to work it just like her sister & cousin. Before you know it, she will be right there with those "big girls" H to T!

Renee said...

I have a feeling those girls will keep ya'll busy in the years to come but oh they are too cute!

kimybeee said...

through all of that posing, my eyes were on gg! she just about perfected it too lol

love your punkin gal, hopefully we will see more pics from that little adventure.

nothing you ever share is boring - i enjoy it all. you are the fish and this blog is the bowl, i love it lol