Monday, October 10, 2011

LSU vs Florida

As you know by now, we do not miss an opportunity to gather for a football game!! As is usually the case as welll, Todd got the grill started up bright and early!

Since I still have some say so in what she wears, Gabbi Girl had on the cutest little purple dress with the LSU appliqued on the front by her mama! I am so proud. Cause I ain't no seamstress, ya know!

Bout that time, Ellie Sue went in and got herself dressed in her Wisconsin Badger shirt! She knew her daddy would LOVE that!

And she also figured the big girls who were scheduled to come would LOVE that add on sleeves with the fingerless gloves on.

Yep. She was feelin' fine!

Dakin, Sam, and Tashia were there early.

Lizzie, pretty, pretty, Lizzie, also enjoyed the shindig. Isn't she pretty?!

Ellie Sue got right on into the cupcakes that Veronicia brought.

Oh! And she also brought some KILLER caramel apples. I LOV E fall!!

Snacks are never slight at our gatherings!

Oh, have I shown y'all Ellie's most recent painting?! I was so impressed. I drew the fleur de lis, and the rest she conjured up herself. I was actually amazed at her ability to paint in the lines as well as she did. And VERY amazed at her restraint. She usually does a good job, then continues to add words, stickers, etc to the piece of art. She stopped here just in time!!

Ellie Sue went to the back with the big girls and emerged with a totally new purple and gold outfit on... complete with a HUGE purple feather "bow".

Speaking of "emerging", Todd also did so periodically to slice the meat and make sure the women weren't ransacking his kitchen.

Tashia had survived a grueling week of Homecoming here in West Monroe, which is no small feat!! Especially when her daughter was on the court, so she had to be at some event just about every day and THREE assemblies where Taylor had solo vocals, dances, and of course, court duties. Poor, Poor Tashia!! She was whipped!

Ellie had on three outfits ove rthe course of the day, and here are the coordinating shoes to prove it!

All that running around got her asthma kicked up, so we had to stop and do the nebulizer!!
Noone has more FLAIR than my girl when doing a breathing treatment!

She even tries to pucker when sucking in some albuterol!

I handed off my camera to the big girls who took about 428 photos very similar to this one..

and this one...

and this one...

And finally, I just had to stop! I saved the other 425 for another day.

But I decided I could NOT postpone showing you this picture of Cindy's pistolettes. They were awesome!!

The person most of us refer to as "cindy", Ellie Sue calls "Cynthia". We have absolutely no idea where she got that!

Right about here, we realized Gabbi had spent some quality time with her buddy, Linda Lou.

And this is one of those RARE "tender" moments we caught Ellie being sweet to Liz.

And the final costume of the day was a cancan number that I am pretty sure I wore to my recital when I was 8 or 9 years old.

Those big girls behind her LOVE to dress up my babies!

Like this... voila... Snow White!

Love those football get togethers. Can't wait for the weekend. LSU is playing again!! Better start some two a day practices, Tennessee!!



Bj said...

Mo, looking at your pics is better than any 5 star movie!! Love it!! Your girlies are the tops, thanks for sharing them with us....huggers, BJ

Amy K said...

It's a good thing Ellie has an over-abundant closet! She has excellent taste...especially the Badger shirt! :)
And, sweet little Gabbi just seems content no matter what.
Great party pics Mo.

Anna said...

Love watching your little ones grow. I rarely (never) comment, but I have to ask for prayers for this coming weekend. It will take a lot more than 2 a day practices for us, (TN), to even make it a close game this year. I usually am not negative, but we have such a young team and our starting QB is out for 6 weeks. Have mercy!! :)

Theresa Shirley said...

Looks like a lot of fun--I wanna come! Heck, I could even be a LSU fan to get to come to one of your shindigs!! That picture where Gabbi is looking at Ellie is just so sweet--you can just see the adoration on her face for her big sister. That caramel apple looks awesome--I love those things! I love Ellie's taste in clothing..she's got it goin' on. At least Gabbi will still let you dress her! haha

snekcip said...

Love the antics of the girls always! Ellie did a great job in painting!! Those girls have a ball and enjoy w/the older girls. My younger sister and I have a sister 10/11 years older than us and I can remember we were her "dolls" growing up! We sat at her knees for MANY years as she styled our hair! Those were definitely fun times, I will ALWAYS remember!

I also love pics of Lizzie! She is indeed a beautiful dog!! You should put pink bows up around her ears. Her fur is so gorgeous!! (alright Mo, not those HUGE southern bows either) HA! Speaking of dogs, I did a double take of the yellow lab lounging on the patio! The dog resembled Earl so, so much!

PS I gotta confess, I seriously starting taking "bites" at my screen when I scrolled past that caramel apple!! Oh goodness I love caramel apples!!!!

Renee said...