Sunday, October 9, 2011

Heading to the Homecoming Assembly.

I'm gonna break this post into small bites. The whole thing is just the play by play in the moments leading up to our leaving for the high school homecoming assembly.

1. Ellie fills her purse with "snacks", "just in case", to have with her at the assembly.

2. Gabbi scampers to get every single M&M she dropped and eat every one of them, lest someone else get a bite!! (Thanks, Kimie, for the Halloween goodies!)

1. Continued!

3. A few inside photo poses.

4. Ellie tries to perfect the model pucker. She's ODD! WHERE does she get this?!

And then she has to FEEL her lips to make sure they are puckered as she is hoping!

YES, Ellie. They're puckered!

Lawdy, lawdy!5. Gabbi Girl does her sweet little posing "by myself", which is her favorite thing to say lately.

Noooooooo!!!! Etu, Gabbi?!

6. Ellie pretends to text Landon. I wish it was some girl pal of hers, but it's not.... it's ALWAYS Landon!

I don't act like I am all that flustered by it, becuase that would just fuel her fire!!

7. Gabbi tries desperately to see what Ellie is texting on her pretend, plastic Barbie phone!

8. Ellie turns her back to everyone who is trying to nose in on her conversation!

9. Daddy gives Lizzie Girl a piggie back ride as her family is heading out without her.

And that's all! That's a typical departure from the Groves house! I live with a bunch of looney tunes! ( but I'm sure living with me is even stranger!)



Kristin said...

My favorite thing about the pictures in this post is the naked doll. I have 3 girlies and it never ceases to amaze me that their dolls are more than likely NAKED....despite the containers full of clothes.

kimybeee said...

nothing looked loony to me - and "normal", whatever that is, is highly overrated lol

Bj said...

Almost spewed muh cawfee looking at that sweet Ellie and her "pucker".....she is truly a hoot, but a lovely, sweet one at that! Thanks for a great start to my day....huggers, BJ

PS....and Gabbi, well she is certainly precious and priceless too!

Amy K said...

Ellie, your baby doll needs to get dressed up for the homecoming festivities also! The texting is hilarious!
Gabbi's looking all fashionista in her awesome scarf.
It's not loony, it's girly!

Zhohn said...

I am laughing!!! Ellie is so dang cute, and I like that Gabbi was trying to 'see' the text!
Absolutely love both outfits. Thanks for the early morning laugh. Have a great week!

snekcip said...

This is hilarious!! Especially the "toting the dog on the neck"!! Ellie is truly something else!! I love the "turning the back" while texting!! Love Gabbi's outfit!

Kaia said...

Lookin' cute in aqua, Ellie! (I'm more weirded out by the naked baby-haha!)

Theresa Shirley said...
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Theresa Shirley said...

Love those outfits (as usual). I believe Ellie has the model "pucker" downpat--she's probably had plenty of practice by now! She looks just like the big girls. I think Gabbi is getting in on the action too, though, with her kiss pucker :) I must say, Lizzie looks kinda scared way up there on Todd's Wonder how long it'll be before Ellie wants an iPhone???? hahahaha