Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another day at MMPT

You just gotta laugh when you see Ellie's new "babies" all piled into the car!! They usually have seatbelts on! I am NOT kidding!! She loves anything that is about the size of an actual baby that she can tote on her hip. you know, like "Big Baby" or that man looking, double amputee, wood baby she carries around. And now... skeletons?!

What I had INTENDED for those skeletons was to have them at the clinic to use for our examples to our patients! The big fancy ones are close to $1000, so when I saw these at Michael's, I thought, for $15, I need one in every treatment room!! Just good enough to give patients a general idea of their conditions, with a visual aid. This is Miss Bonnie. I JUST LOVE her!! She is who I want to be when I am 80!

This is Misti and Becky. They are the photographers who take all the cute pics of my kids... one such picture being the one that I am presently using as my blog banner.

And Miss Bev has been with me for YEARS!! She ROCKS at her job, and all our patients in the adult clinic absolutely LOVE her!! As do we. She is a DIVA!! She dresses up every day. She wears heels and insists that standing at her window is more professional than sitting, so she had us build her an elevated surface at which to greet her patients. I wish everyone had a work ethic like Miss Bev.

This is Crystal. Do you think she was proud of her little girl's artistic endeavors in Camp Creative last week? She had a big fat pumpkin on her desk the next day!

And here's Brian, our newest PT at MMPT. He is with this rascal, Jana. Jana is a funny little thing!! She keeps us laughing!

And what's going on down there?!

Oh lawdy... these two look totally in charge of this construction project!! NOT. They chose one of the most complicated filing cabinets to use in the PT department. Well, better them than me. I don't do mechanical things. Total impatience with it. Got it from my mama!!

Hope you have a happy Wednesday.



Bj said...

Good morning Mo and family! "Hump-day" is finally it....YEA WEDNESDAY! Mo, the banner picture you are using on your blog is the most precious pic I've seen of your girlies...TO DATE! I love, love, LOVE it! Too cute! Have a great day!!......huggers, BJ

snekcip said...

Love the CLINIC VISIT post! I just LOVE MS Bev's hair!! You can tell she a DIVA!!! Your whole staff is awesome!!

Those "skeleton babies" are hilarious!!!

Kathryn said...

I love the clinic posts, too! The smiles just make my day. Miss Suzie is loving Assisted Living. She is so happy there. I know we will have days, but boy this is nice.

Theresa Shirley said...

Lord have mercy---that girl is something else!! Any other little kid mighta been afraid of a skeleton, but not Ellie! She totes it as a baby doll instead!! Lol, that's hilarious! Man, you've got some awesome employees. You better hang on to those two that do the photos--those pics are amazing! Of course, you probably just inspire folks to be great, just by being around you :)

Christy George said...

Mel, I emailed you at the address at comcast but it came back to me. Will you email me so I can email you back? Thanks!