Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tashia's birthday party!

August is the best birthday month. I'm just sayin'! There seems to be so many people whose birthdays are in August!! Mine to start the list. And Madonna. But then, there's also Tashia! So, about a week or two ago, we took Tashia out to celebrate her birthday at an area restaurant, Copeland's.

This is Tashia's sister, Tamy. Tashia was girly girly dancer in high school. Tamy played college softball. Polar opposites. And it is so fun to watch them fight. Just kidding. (No I'm not!)

And this is their mama, Miss Fay in the middle. And to my anatomical left, (sorry, I am a PT... I naturally reverse people's right and left when looking at them), is Tashia's cousin, Leslie. Leslie was in mine and Paula's dance class when we were all little girls.

No party is complete without a big ol' birthday cake!I love that we are all over 40, and we still each have birthday parties. Period!! Gonna happen!!

This is Tashia's good looking family.

We went to watch Tashia's boy, Hunter, and Paula's boy, Clayton, play football last night. They are now in the ninth grade. I told Paula and Tashia that they owe me, and when we are all about 65 and my girls are cheering, I'll expect everyone of them to wheel up in their Hoverrounds to watch my babies cheer!!

This is Dakin, Tashia's husband, and Mr. Hines, her father in law. He was also my high school basketball coach.

And then Johnnye was a little shamed by Garet, Tamy's oldest son, who is in the ninth grade.

Taylor made him feel a little better! Johnnye, we love you just the way you are!!

And finally, all the Meredith girls. They are such a pretty bunch, inside and out! !



Amy K said...

What a beautiful group of gals. I love how you and your families are still so close after all these years.

Theresa Shirley said...

Ya'll are such a fun bunch of girls! I love all the celebrating--of EVERY occasion! It just makes life so much more exciting :) It's great that you have such good friends to share life with too, and I'm sure your girlies will grow up to follow in their Mama's footsteps.

kimybeee said...

not just hoverrounds - all pimped out hoverrounds! you crack me up lol and you have a great bunch of peeps all around you. i don't know anybody else that travels in such a pack.