Friday, September 9, 2011

Saints vs. Packers... the NFL opener.

It was a torn household around these parts! I mean, the SAINTS vs the PACKERS?! It could've been any other matchup and it would've been a no brainer! But, Todd's beloved Packers, who he's loved since his childhood. And our homestate's Saints!! ALL of our buds showed up in black and gold. Todd the Bod was in his green and gold. What a rebel!

So, we had a plan! While the boys were outside doing what boys do, the girls had a plan for how to spend our time during the game.

Funny how Todd is conflicted with an LSU tent and a Packers Back the Pack banner all in one spot!

The girls did what the girls do... make dips, stand on the counter and eat chips, and gab on the phone.

Oh, and have I mentioned we have about the sweetest dog in the whole entire world?!

As for the chicks, THIS is what we had in mind!! It was a canvas painting night!

And I mean, this is a shocker!! I had three of my buds who are not who I'd consider crafty!!

They learned to mix paints, shade colors, and even how to work with texture and different painting tools.

Emma Lou was in command of my camera on this particular night. She took photos of the cast of characters... including:

Ellie Sue Groves.

Breanna Prophit Young.

Tashia Meredith Hines.

Angie Sain Loftin.

Paula Skains Ford.

and this was our primary objective... to make this...

into a work of art. (Please note that monkey in the background!! WHY can't she stay on the ground like a normal kid!??)

Breanna did a little fancy masking of her painting.

Paula was out of comfort zone even having a brush in her hand at all!!

And here is my OTHER CPA friend. They are left brained, ya know?!

Breanna has painted with me once before, so I just consider her an old veteran!!

It was interesting to me to see the pictures Emma Lou took while she had my camera. Hey retreat folks... a couple of these are the examples we will be using for our mini scrapbook we are making this coming weekend. I cannot wait!!

And apparently Emma liked my ribbon connection too! We are going to be using sprigs of these on our book as well.

Funny that Emma likes this picture I have framed in my art room as much as I do. She took a picture of my picture.

I love these pics Emma took of just people's hands. Cool to see their hands making the strokes which eventually became a great holiday canvas.

and I gotta say, this is a PRETTY picture of me!! I look like a Halloween poster.

Apparently she turned the camera on herself!

And one more time on her sidekick, Ellie Sue.

Speaking of the crazy kid, this is her pallet which she made when noone was looking.

So, as we painted these....

Ellie created THIS masterpiece!!

Stay tuned til tomorrow to see the finished products!! (Emma took 201 pictures with my camera!) Prepare to be amazed!!



Zhohn said...

I wish I lived close!! I'd much rather paint than watch football.
Have a great weekend!

Amy K said...

Love the previews of the canvases. I can't wait to see the finished products.
I can't even tell you how much I LOVE that red cart. That is beyond AWESOME. Oh please, do tell, where you found it.
I wish I was coming to your retreat next weekend. I informed my husband that I will be attending one at some point.
Oh yeah, one teeny-tiny detail you left out of this post, dear rival, the Packers beat the Saints 42-34!
Happy Saturday...

Tina said...

I love anything pumpkins. Family time and pumpkin pies . Leaves changing and hotcoco and warm jackets. The smell of fall makes me all happy inside. I so love your pumpkin pictures. Just makes me smile. Thank's for sharing. Your site just bring a smile into my day. Just when i really need it. A mom in pa. With two teens daughters / Sending our blessing to you.