Sunday, September 11, 2011

More gamenight!

Let's pick up where we left off. Please note the Saints gear in Todd's mancave cabinets, yet he hung a Packer cap on the lamp front and center. And he also donned full Packer gera to wear for the big game.

Ehile emma Lou continued at the healm of the camera lens, she snapped photos of all the gents outside.... including her daddy!

And Mr. Mickey, who pairs up with Angie, in the women's section of the art room!

And Mr. Richard, whose cigar is as long as he is tall!

And Mr. Dakin, who is the husband of Tashia.

And she even took a picture of what she thought of all of Todd's signage! I love it that it seemed that Emma thought about the story whe wanted to tell while she went around with the camera. That's exactly how I take pictures now.

And did I mention it was the first fire of the year?! We are in about the 70's when it is absolutely awesome, but still hovering in those 80's usually during the day.

And Miss Lizzie is just fitting in perfectly great!! Everyone just loves her. I bet this is a far cry from the pound! Bless her heart!! She is a perfect fit for our family!!

Emma noticed that cute little cheesehead on the floor.

Emma also thinks this is the most hysterical baby she's ever seen. Not sure why. I think because it is fat. (and it has actually nipples, if you rub your finger across her boobies.)

Well, helllloooo there, you cute little thing!

I really liked that Emma stopped to take pics of my art room... little vignettes!! I think she appreciates what she saw! And I KNOW I do!

Ok, so as we moved on through the evening, it came time to add some touches to our pumpkins. I got out stencils and paint spray bottles, and tried it out on mine first.

Tashia, over there, started signing hers and said, "no thanks."

Breanna opted for a little glitter and also declined.

In fact, the rest of them were so enamored with their pumpkin paintings that they all chickened out on splattering paint on top of their finished products... so.... here you have them.

Mine... which is already sold and going home to Kaye Cannon!

Tashia's. My CPA friend who is now "artsy"!!

Breanna, who said she "was too far from everyone to follow along, so she did her own thing". For the record, she was about 3' away!!

Angie, who couldn't stop smiling that she had just done this herself!

And Paula. I can't wait to see it hanging in her house!

But don't think we stopped there!! NOOOOO. WE paraded our butts out in front of the men who were watching the game and totally ignoring the fact that we were all now artists!

And then, we went inside and stood in front of the tv and made the teenage boys look!

And by the time we got through showing them off, everyone was about tired of pumpkins!!

But, hey girls, just you wait!! I have crafts that will last us the WHOLE football season!!

And Emma, thank you for such detailed photography!!


And despite the lightness of this post, I am heavy hearted and in silent prayer all day for all the families who lost loved ones 10 years ago. It never fails to amaze me how MANY people lost their lives. LORD, heal their families' hearts!


Bj said...

Awesome pics Mo....and I too, am tearful today as I remember back 10 years and think about all the lives lost and lives changed forever in the blink of an eye!....GOD BLESS AMERICA!...huggers, BJ

Brooklyn said...

Hey Melanie~
Am I allowed to ask what you use to texture your paintings? Love, love all the pumpkins!

Kim said...

Ten years ~ I just cannot even grasp that ~ it only just seems like yesterday.

Lovin all the pumpkins ~ lovin Emma's picture stories! I am glad you mentioned what your weather is ~ I was going to ask!! Today is supposed to make 80 here ~ but the rest of the week we are going to be 60's with possible high of 50's end of week.....brrr.....

Amy K said...

Amen to your final paragraph of this post!