Wednesday, September 7, 2011

and Dancing BEGINS!!!

Yep. It's that time of year again! Time for BOTH of my wee ones to go to dancing!! And this year, so far, they are in different classes. I am now doing the back to back mom in the waiting room thing on Wednesdays!! That's ok. I've worked long and hard to have the opportunity to take a day off each week to get my kids to dancing.

Ellie told me about three times today, "Mom, it's 'unbelievable' that you took me to dancing, isn't it?". Wow. Out of the mouths of babes. So... I have to make this happen!! Week after week after week after week until the grand finale in May. The dance recital!!

We have several friends in our class! This is Ella Kate from across the street. She is also three years old.

Gabbi Girl isn't exactly the social butterfly, so I am hoping that by being in a class without her big sister and with friends her age, she'll make a few buddies who can come over and just wanna play with HER!

This sweet baby is William. Guess who else is in our class.... Hazel! And that means Breanna and I will get to sit and craft for at least one hour per week. That fires me up!! And the other moms will think we have a major part of our brain missing!

Miss Linda welcomed the new dancers.

Like she has for about the past 50 years. Literally!

This is a new friend, Savannah. This was her first day!

Her parents are friends of mine.

Marty, here, actually graduated high school with me. So, I know there will be at least one more old fart in the stands with me when our girls are in high school!

Day one involves such important things as "sit on the red line". Vital information for budding ballerinas. And to have a nicely behaved class!

So, here's Hazel with her dance bag in tow. She must have really, really, really liked her dance bag!

This class turned out to be exceptionally large. Eighteen 3 year olds, I believe.

Even Mrs. Crawford, the receptionist/ office manager/ mother of a teacher/ seamstress extraordinaire came in to help rescue babies from their mothers' hips.

It's a very motherly environment, which us MOTHERS like! Soooooo unlike Dance Moms on TV. I would YANK my kid OUT of that witch's studio in a heartbeat!!

Being the very first day EVER of dancing for many of these three year olds, nametags were in order. And here is Miss Ella Kate. Who came home from her long day of dancing and took a very long golf cart ride with me, Ellie Sue, Gabbi Girl, Emma Lou and Lizzie. It's now a daily tradition!Oh, and Paula's niece, Lilly, also had her first day. Paula was one ridiculously proud aunt. But then again, I can so relate! I was kinda cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs over my nephews. Pre-baby girl days!

It's Ok, PauPau. I totally get it!

Meanwhile, back in the waiting room. Ellie Sue "babysat" William and thought she was 10 foot tall.

Breanna created that monster!! She told Ellie she could come and babysit. Oh Lord. I will NEVER hear the end of that!

Uh Oh. An escapee. She darted out the door in the middle of class. I think Mrs. Crawford needs a cape!

And then the timely departure from class... all orderly and such.

Far left. Gabbi is making a RUN for it. That baby girl wanted to see her MAMA!! Not much can stand in the way of Gabbi getting to her mama!

Hazel proudly displays her coloring sheet all the girls got today as a treat.

And tada... mission accomplished. Baby Girl is reunited with her chunky mom!

She is a special baby!! Always gonna be my baby!!

So, then, after Gabbi's hour long dance class, we had a 30 minute break before we started class number two. I seriously lucked out having my girls in back to back classes. It's like I KNOW the instructors or something!

Madi had some serious business to share with Linda Lou.

And would you look at that stalker in the mirror?!

Finally, a great photo of a little girl with her teacher. Bre, you can make me something crafty in exchange for this cute photo!! Or maybe just come help me clean out a closet! Ha.

Since, after all, there was a 30 minute break, Ellie honed her gymnastics skills.

Nice form, sista!

JinJin brought Madi to dancing today, so she also hung with us in the waiting room.

And we just watched from the waiting room. Ellie's is an ultra small class. I suppose because many her age are in preK or their mamas work. We are doing neither.. at least on Wednesdays.

And outside, I caught all the kiddos before they left for a little group pose.

I think, maybe, only one got the memo about "pose".

Can you tell whose mama takes pictures daily!??

What fun memories!! So glad I have Linda Lou and Miss LInda to teach my girls to love dance!!



Emery Wilkerson said...

Ok- does Paula's niece Lilly go to daycare in Ruston?! She looks like a little Lilly that's at daycare with my Hudson!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Emery. Probably! They are Downsville chicks!

Theresa Shirley said...

They are all TOO cute!! Excuse me for saying, but that Ellie just looks so much more "grown-y" than the others her age..could be cause she thinks she's a teenager! I love the "babysitting". She's a mess, isn't she? Love that you can be there to take them both to dance. Can't believe Gabbi girl is old enough to go now too. Time does just fly! Thanks for sharing those sweet "big girls" with us!! Wish I was coming to the first "Mozart retreat" so I could meet ya'll in person. Some day though!

Amy K said...

Cute, cute, cute! All the monogrammed leotards are adorable. My girls never took to dancing, so again, I'll have to live vicariously through you and your girls.
Lovin' your green scarf Mo.

snekcip said...

Nothing sweeter than preschoolers in ballet! Bre LOVED dancing, she couldn't wait until the first day to start. She would ask me daily "can I go to dance today?". Afer inquiring about the first day/times, I was pretty disappointed that the class times for 4yr olds started @3:30. Bre is in Pre-K this year and school ends @ 3:25. There is absolutely NO WAY she would make it there! I could definitely understand Ellie's SMALL CLASS!! I'm not sure of your girls "times" but they truly are "awful" here. I know 6 little girls that Bre danced with last year, that had to drop out because of this reason alone!

The time last year was not much of a problem when Bre was in daycare. We could pick her up early then. I knew she would be really disappointed so I sought out gymnastics!! Since she is my FEARLESS child, who is ALWAYS flipping, jumping and balancing on things SHE SHOULD'NT be on, I knew GYMNASTICS was her "cup of tea"! Oh boy did I peg that right!! She loves it so much. that I added on another day (Wednesday)! The schedule works PERFECT for my workday! Mondays/Wednesdays @ 5:30! That gives me ample time to pick her up from her afterschool program which is less than 5mins from my job and we are at the gym 10mins before start time!

We will miss recital time and all the cutenss involved. I think Bre is more athletically competitive and gymnastics is SO HER! So I guess our future "recital days" probably will be "meets" instead.

I guess I will live precariously through your ballet post instead!!

Wishing Ellie, Gabbi, Madi and all the other precious ballerinas a WONDERFUL YEAR!!!