Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Playing in the rain. (Tropical Storm Lee!)

Well, this is a first. I know some of you who have posted a comment and it not show up, but I did a whole blog post, and not a word of it showed up. WEIRD?!

So, let me try again! This is what we do in North Louisiana, when there is a tropical storm in South Louisiana!!

We put on a tanktop and get out in the rain.

Do we bother with pants? Well, heck naw!

As for Ellie, she chooses the most redneck possible shirt she can find. A purple camo tanktop couldnt' get more Redneck Louisiana if we tried!

Oh, and don't you EVEN think she put on pants! Nope.

Just riding her four wheeler full blast in the rain, in a camo tank, and in her drawers!

Now THAT is what I call class, people!

But I'll tell ya, for what it's worth. THIS is the kind of thing I did when I was a kid that I thought was AWESOME!!! Anytime I was ALLOWED to play in the rain, well, those were good times!

If you'll notice, we are the only one for a long way out in the rain. I suppose normal folk are in the house, dry, watching the stories, or cooking, or whatever normal people do midday on a rainy day.

But look at the happiness on my baby girl's face. She thinks this is da bomb! And her mama (safe and sound under the garage) is enjoying watching them!

Wait. What is that WAAAAAYYY off in the distance?!

Who goes there under an umbrella!?

Well, lo and behold it is Emma Lou and two of her friends. The Heavens opened up and the angels are singing. Someone to play with besides mama. "Boring ol mama" who let us play in the rain and come in soaked.

And "boring ol' mama" who decided that Ellie could NOT go on her planned trip.... The trip which required her to march into the den with her suitcase stuffed to the brim with clothes... mostly tanktops!

"Where are you going, Ellie?"

"I'm just going to spend about four nights in Shreveport".

"No you're not, Ellie. You are staying here with me."

Stomp. Eye roll. Huff.

How does she even KNOW about Shreveport?!

This kid keeps me hopping!!



Meredith said...

So I lost track of your blog for a while and checked it today... oh my goodness where is your baby Gabbi? And she has the most beautiful hair! Ellie seems as spunky as ever as well :)

Amy K said...

lol. fun. I can relate to the redneck fun - we once took an old recliner, and gave rides to our friends and family up and down the road behind our ATV. Real safe, right? Pretty redneck, but most of all fun!

Sandy said...

Girl that Ellie is something else!! I can't even imagine the drama you are gonna endure as a teenage mama!!! That child is a Hoot!! Oh the memories ya'll are making!! Good ones at that

Zhohn said...

Shreveport? That is hilarious!!! I love Ellie!
Looks like y'all had fun. We had horrible winds and rain so we stayed on the porch but enjoyed it so much!
Last night I noticed there were no words with the pictures and I wondered who was walking with an umbrella. Emma to save the day!
Keep Ellie in the house! No four day Shreveport trips for a while! ;))

Kim said...

Going to spend about four nights in Shreveport ~ what a hoot!! I am giddy as a school girl in anticipation of "finally" meeting y'all in 2 short weeks!! Whoot Whoot ~ for once I WANT the calendar to turn!

snekcip said...

...and here I thought it was my computer again!! Who needs words when you got pics like these!!! 2week countdown to MoZart!! YAY!! Wait...I won't be in attendance! "sniff-sniff"!!

Martha from NC said...

Well I personally love the girls' outfits for playing in the rain. Who needs anything but a top and "drawers" on? Glad they had fun; they'll remember these times, just as you did. You're a great Mom to let them do such fun activities. I think Ellie is smart way beyond her years with the Shreveport 4 day adventure idea. Whew - that girl amazes me. And sweet GG - well she's just going to remain her cute little self and be attached to Mama!! No trips to Shreveport for her.

jmckemie said...

Thougth is was only my computer. Redneck Ellie - that is funny! I remember those times as a kid - "getting" to play out in the rain on occasion. Just a week ago I grabbed the grands and took them out to do that very thing. They thought I was nuts!

kimybeee said...

tee hee - never a dull moment at mo's!!!! love that wild child!!