Sunday, September 4, 2011

Geaux Tigers!! Opening day!

Yeah, yeah. So there's a tropical storm picking up speed and heading our way! That ain't gonna stop us from having a big ol' par-tay on the back porch with just about anybody who decides to come up! As for Ellie Sue, Well, you know how she and I fight over her outfits...

I let her go choose something (the purple polka dot dress) and then I headed straight to my sewing machine!! I don't know how I functioned without knowing how to sew. (Not that I actually know how to do much now, but I can attach two pieces of material with thread, and I suppose that qualifies me!)

I mean, really. HOW bloomin' cute is that?!

About the time I was finishing it up, the "big girls" from next door came over. And buddy roe, did they ever have on some bows?!

Gabbi Girl's face is a bit blue, because she was still working on her rocket pop popsicle.

Eventually, we had a HOUSE FULL of folks, but I'll have to save that for another day!

I had this big ol shindig tonight, and tomorrow morning, I am hosting a paint party. Speaking of... if you are attending my art retreat and havent' replied to my email, please do so, so I can make plans for exactly who, when, where, etc.

And last but not least, a little sisterly love! Looking forward to tomorrow's paint party. It's my first ever!!

Oh, and sorry bout that whoopin', Oregon Ducks!



Amy K said...

That last picture is absolutely precious!
Congrats on your win.
A paint party sounds like a blast...can't wait to see pictures. Have an awesome day!

snekcip said...

Loved the POLKA DOT PURPLE DRESS!! You did go Mo!!

snekcip said...