Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ellie's Fourth Birthday Party... the final pics.

Okay. Today we will have the recap of Ellie's fourth birthday party complete!

This is the cake we ordered and were so pleased with! And after "Gabbi" climbed up on a chair and picked on the icing, THIS is the cake which made it to the actual party!

Mary Allison came over early and helped me go over to Paula's house to set up the goody bags, balloons, decorations, etc .

And then they started arriving.... bearing feathers in their hair!

Staci jumped right on in with the kiddos.

Let the tricks begin!

Uh huh... pretty good, Emma.

But until you are 38 and can to a toe touch of THIS quality, don't you even start squawking!! Go, Stac!!

Ummmm... nice try, Sarah!

Maybe a little closer, Piper.

Hey. Way to go Madi Boo!

Emma, now you're talking. Nice form. and hey. Way to smile on the way down!

Ok, Ok. Sarah, you are doing the asymmetrical jump with panache!

And Gracie even managed a couple of thumbs up while she was jumping.

Piper, the shoulder shrug with the innocent look gets you a fair grade.

But this... this is a 10!! Look at that pike position. Way to go, Staci!!Gabbi Girl couldn't care less what everyone else is doing. She has her floaties and there is a pool. Period!

Clara was going in for her first jump of the day. (Note dry hair!)

As was Lydia.

Britany, KK, Jessi, Crystal, and Robin were crashing the par-tay! Like I said, Gabbi can go it alone all day long. She doesn't need "pals" to have a good time!

Although, she and cousin, Brenna, were the "little girls" or to big Ellie, "the babies" so they did well to just hang out together.

THe snowcone machine was a HIT!! There was a line for a WHILE!

The fabulous four who are always in attendance at my girls' activities!

And Toni brought the ONLY boy allowed at the party!

Veronicia was there, dutifully working it like she always does to help me or Ellie with our chillen'.

Pops stepped in for some snowcone assistance, as well.

Hunter dropped by. But only because he needed something. NOt because he actually wanted to be there. :( I miss my little boys!

The mamas were pretty pumped about what Todd contributed to the party!!

Ana and Meredith stopped in. The big girls consider them their actual best friends, so they'd have been sorely let down if they hadn't come!

I LOVE this picture. Three little monkeys, all ready to do this remarkable run and jump in. Ellie has only recently discovered that she can touch in the shallow end of the pool. So, there's no stopping her now!


And with that, we have completed the duty of reporting the birthdays of my sweet children. Only family member left is Todd the Bod... OCTOBER!

And with the pace of things this month, expect fewer "full" posts. Maybe more single pic ones. I know I have post about the LSU game and of course the first ever art class I did today. It was SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to do more!!



Zhohn said...

Ellie's party was definitely a reflection of her personality, wild and colorful and FUN! For that matter, so was Gabbi's, soft, sweet and intimate. Everyone is growing up so fast! Way to go, Staci! You still have it girl!!

Hope y'all had a good weekend, we were stuck in the house all weakened because of the storm!!

kimybeee said...

okay - the party looked great - but


Amy K said...

FUN!!! Man, you know how to throw a party.

Lindsay said...

sorry things are so busy but hope it's all good :) thanks for continuing to share your daily joy with all of us!

Beth E. said...

Looks like y'all were having a blast...I'm totally impressed with Staci's diving skills!

snekcip said...

Go Staci!! Girl....I'm impressed!!! What a fun party!