Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting ready for the big LSU season.

So, getting ready for football season around here is not taken lightly! First we have to put the neighborhood kids to work and have them build a pyramid with cups. Then Lizzie has to lie there and make sure none of these boards come up.

And Gabbi is reinforcing the ones on this side!

Todd emptied out the beer he brought down from Wisconsin.

And he cranked up all the flatscreens with pigskin on ALL of them!

We cleaned up the man cave to look all LSU-ish and ready for full on action!

Took the cover off the monster grill (It was dusty... a summer of hardly any use. TOO HOT down here!)

Outdoor area dotted with purple and gold... check!

And just because it was raining didnt' mean we weren't going to have this monster grill going too!

We eventually erected a purple tent to cover the grill and kept right on cookin!

The girls gathered outside to get their polish on! Purple of course!!

Gabbi continued her lounge-fest!

And I got the area all scented up with my sweet surprise from Cindy W, who backed out of my retreat. :( Anyone want to take her spot?!

We got our team colors on, (toes not yet painted!! Dont' you EVEN think Ellie would let me go without purple nails!!)

And then, I got out my Tiger serving dishes and waited for the guests to arrive to fill them. You know... I do the cups, napkins, bowls, and drinks. They all KNOW that Mel is NOT going to be cookin. Her husband grills enough to make up for it though!!

And just you wait til you see what we did during the game.... to be continued......



Mary said...

I'm always amazed by how beautiful your home is. When you find time to decorate though is beyond me! do you sleep?

Zhohn said...

Very nice! Can't wait to see more! Was Gabbi not feeling well??

Amy K said...

Nice! I love that canvas wall over Gabbi's bed.