Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ellie Sue's birthday.

So, I have gotten quite a bit of feedback from several of you regarding the fact that I never posted pics from Ellie Sue's fourth birthday. And I call myself a maaaammmaaaa!!! I even swore that Iposted some of these pictures so much that I finally stopped posting pics, and went back to just SEE if I had posted some. I didn't see a one! Soooo, let's do the second half of my pics first! This will include all the big kids and siblings who hung out inside.

As well as our daddy who kind of avoided all the girlies and chose the a/c over all of us chickies outside.

I made fabric Peace sign (Ellie's choice of theme for her party) fabric cuffs as party favors.

Mamas hung out in the wings and let the chicas partay in the pool.

Ellie LOVED all the big girl attention! I don't know many 4 year olds who have as many 10 year olds as 4 yr olds.

It started out small scale and quickly became a biggie!

Miss Patty and Miss Kelly, who make all of our cakes, did a fabulous job on Ellie Sue's cake.

Even though Gabbi Girl ate off the "Ellie" prior to the party!

You know how they say "you'll look back on that and laaaaugh". Well, I'm still waiting to laugh about that one!

Then came the time for opening gifts. And I am glad my kid does actually get all fired up about all gifts, big and small!

Staci and Mary Allison were there and actively engaged. Thanks, girls! Staci even got in the pool with the partygoers. And Mary Allison showed up early to help me get the goodie bags together.

Ellie definitely didn't need me!! She had the gift opening down pat!! And my baby girl seemed to need me a whole lot!

Ellie and Maddi had one final trick to do!

And Veronicia needed to wear a headband sweat rag!! Ha. Remember, it IS Louisiana. And Louisiana has no such thing as a "mild" summer!!

Linda Lou came out to operate the snowcone machine.

And each girl was fitted with their party favor.

Hey, there's Sarah. Remember Sarah?!

and what about Jessi's kid, Kaitlyn!?

So for everyone who was waiting on Ellie's party, well, here's half of it. I will try and post the rest tomorrow.

Oh, wait!! Did Todd decide to come out and play?!

Our cousin, Brenna, got her favors and was ready to head out.

But she didn't get far!! We decided we'd have a cousin sleepover that night, to finish off the fun night!

More tomorrow. MO


Zhohn said...

Yay! Looks like fun! Love Ellie's cake, just adorable.
Nice to see Sarah, she looks grown now, so does Kaitlyn!
Can't wait to see the rest.

Kaia said...

Ellie's face opening those presents! I'd say she might be a teeny tiny little bit excited! I like the bright colors of the party!

Amy K said...

Too Fun! I love the excited expression as she's opening her gifts.

Theresa Shirley said...

That girl's hilarious---so dramatic in every picture! You can tell she just had a ball. You're such a good girl Mama..Lol :) No ordinary old party for those girls--they're so blessed! I bet the big girls have just as much fun playing with Ellie as she does with them. You always have something fun for them to do. Glad to finally see Ellie's party!

snekcip said...

Looks like a fantastic party!! Love the TOMS shoes!! Go Ellie!!

nineisenuff said...

I love the JOY on Ellie's face as she's opening gifts! What a fun party!


enjoying the post:) thanks for sharing your family with us.

Lindsay said...

So fun!

Lindsay said...

So fun!