Friday, August 19, 2011

The trip North.

SOrry for missing posting for the past couple of days. There's been another bit of drama, which required ol' MO to go to the hospital for a night. Had I KNOWN that, I'd have packed my computer, but since I didn't. I'm back now!! Ok... onto the trip I promised to tell you about.

We got packed into that Suburban snug as bugs in a rug! Daddy took the helm, since that is where he would remain for the next, ohhhh, 18 or so hours!

We woke those babies and stuck them in their seats, and hit the road. We had a LONG way to go!

Of course, we also snagged ALL of our movies so they'd be plenty preoccupied.

Yesssss.... finally! Daddy allowed us to stop. He is not a fan of stopping on a long trip. Whereas, I would stop ab0ut every 30 minutes or so or whenever ANYTHING caught my eye! SO, I guess it's a good thing he is the main driver.

I must say for the amount of time we spent in the car, the girls were in a pretty good mood. Yessssss.... finally a destination. First night just Cape Girardeau, south of St. Louis in Missouri.

ANd then, the next am, up and at em bright and early! MY girls even posed lovingly before we piled back in!

They are actually pretty good troopers.

Mary Allison had helped me get them packed, and I had little Ziplocs of each outfit for the trip up. That way I could just grab a small bag vs. digging through their big suitcase. WE snagged some fruit for the road.

and immediately got right back into the videos. Thank God for those built in DVD players in cars!!

Then we were back on the interstate. ANybody recognize these bridges?!

I don't. I was just wondering. ANd CORN! Corn, corn everywhere corn!

Until we spotted THIS!!!

CULVER'S!! A highlight of our trip north! They have ButterBurgers!! And we don't have those down in LA! YUM!!

Every blue moon we had to allow the girls a little freedom to get out of their seats. After all, we had a 15 1/2 hour stretch one day! It is tortuous!! And they don't sleep a lot in the car!

Please no hate mail. Just trust me.. it was few and far between. But it made the ride bearable for us all!

Here's where we were at this juncture.

Another bridge. Bridges kind of amaze me. They are really so pretty and majestic!! ANyone recognize this one?!

WE had many, many, many projects for the carseats!! Teh projects took up much of our space in the car. But it kept them busy and distracted from the MILES and MILES and MILES!! ANd finallly....

Madison, Wisconsin!!

Where Gabbi Girl spent much time choosing the ideal rock for the roadtrip.

And this concludes day one/ two of our ascension. Tomorrow, meet Uncle Tim. He lives in Madison, so that was our first family stop. And yes, you are allowed to go back to previous post to get remember who Uncle Tim is. See ya tomorrow.



MaryH said...

I should know those bridges - live in St. Louis - but we have way too many - one is possibly New Chain of Rocks Bridge - maybe the Jefferson Barracks Bridge or the Daniel Boone Bridge or, I could go on but I have embarrased myself enough - crossing the Missouri River and the Mississippi you were...hope you are okay, Mo.

jmckemie said...

Have to agree with Mary - lots of bridges around here. Wish I had known you were passing through -
I might have had to pop in at Culvers and meet in person- but then again, I guess that is a good part of the reason we read about your adventures on the backside :) That road sign? That's my exit for home - only a mile away. Sure hope you are feeling much better.
Take care of yourself.

Ashley said...

Hey I live in Madison, welcome!! Hope you are feeling better. Hope it was a good trip :)

Kathryn said...

I posted from my phone, but heaven only knows where that post is right now.

The twin bridges are the Jefferson Barracks Bridge. The first exit East after the bridge is my town! You went the other way last time you were here. Should have stopped here for a potty break!

Bethany said...

Mo- good gawd girlie ARE YOU OKAY? I've been worried about you since that hospital pic! I'm glad to hear about your trip but I NEED to know how ya doin'...

Amy K said...

Glad you're home and doing better.
I really respect your fascination of bridges, because they FREAK ME OUT! Culvers are a dime a dozen up here - I'm sure you'll have them in LA soon enough - we have friends opening one in TN.
Would've loved to have met you in person while you were here!
The girls don't look the least bit crabby after all that time in the car. Mine would've been over the top crabby.
Looking forward to seeing the next leg of your trip.
Take care of yourself girl!

snekcip said...

Glad you are feeling better my friend! Take care of yourself!!!

firefamily said...

Mo, I am just now getting caught up on blogs from the weekend. When we head south to LA we always stop in Cape Girardeau on our way back home too. We usually drive straight through to Memphis on our way down. All of the signs and bridges are familiar to us as that is how we go from LA to home. in Madison you are about 3 hours south of us. As you, we also let our kids out of their carseats for part of the trip for the exact same reasons. People who don't travel long distances don't get that it makes things much better for everyone. There will be no hatemail coming from this mama. I can't believe you were so close, next time call us and we can meet you somewhere.
Love and hugs to all of you,
The Eckarts