Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ok.Ok. Last post on Gabbi's third birthday!

I'm sorry. But this may be the cutest party I've ever seen.... it deserves three posts about it! Besides, it is for my sweet Gabbi Girl. So, bear with me!

Gabbi loves babies about as much as she loves puppies! She was warting poor baby William. And when I asked her if she wanted mama to get her a baby, she adamently said, "Yes. A brother." Hmmm.

My good friends, Kellye and Patti, who made the awesome cake, also made this little topiary of cake balls. I requested them, but didn't know how they'd come presented. And they had no idea that I'd planned a big bouquet in the same colors so the girls could make headbands or barettes with the big flowers. Just fit beautifully!

Ok. So pre-party. I think this little foyer was PERFECT for a princess party.

And not sure if I've shared this yet or not... but here's the invitation. Created by my pal, Jessi!

Ellie and Gabbi put together and destructed the whole scene about 5 times before the guests arrived.

Breanna showed up early to help me get it going. This is Hazel, who quickly migrated toward the babies and baby beds we had set up all in the den.

And this is our cousin, Chloe. The one who I think looks a lot like Ellie.

This is her mom, April, and her little sister, Brenna. They are participating in the peanut butter and jelly sandwich shape cutting event.

Ella Kate, from across the road, went right to Lizzie. She was a hit. That is the calmest and sweetest dog I have ever met. Perfect for all the little girls coming into her life, and likely the hairbows and barrettes and costumes she'll be forced to wear!

Breanna, Tashia, Nicole, and Paula all sweetly came over to help.

But then again, who wouldn't want to be here for this angel's big day?! It was such a special day.

Like I said, we made sandwiches with cookie cutters.

(Oh. Here's a close up of the cookie ball. Cute, huh?!)

The big girls were totally in charge of the sandwich making and the sugar cookie decorating.

Ellie is all about some icing and sprinkles!!

The crowd really grew. I only intended a very small party. After all, the invitees got tutus and monogrammed shirts! But, many of those who love Gabbi (and me), came by to lend a hand and to see what a Rapunzel party really looks like.

This is the bouquet we used to let the girls choose flowers to hot glue onto the headbands and barrettes. The butterflies on the cage were also for the taking. Simple and cute!

Here are those first cousins... happy to be hanging out. We haven't spent much time with Maddi lately. Been in Wisconsin!! Look how much taller Maddi is than Ellie. Most people are surprised at how small Ellie is when they meet her. She has a BIG spirit though!

And speaking of big spirits.... look at my birthday girl! Yessirreee. Her spirit shines.

I may have already shown some of these, but I just had to go through my pics one last time and summarize the party.

These group shots HAD to make the cut again!

Gabbi LOVES an animal. I was so preoccupied, I didn't even get a single name with present, so there will be no thank you's from the Groves fam...

well, not exactly. I DO have a little something up my sleeve!

Brenna really couldn't care less about the big girls and this whole party thing. She was more interested in playing a game. She is my first cousin, Dane's, little girl'; and Chloe's little sister.

Ellie had her babies in baby beds, high chairs, and look, Zoe, she LOVES the new clip on seat you gave her. Thanks for being such a great pal! She LOVES all the fun things you shared with her.

JinJin kind of ended up manning the chaos that ensued with present opening. Noone would step back. and, well, I think I was getting a little clausterphobic. So, I just excused myself a while. I snapped a photo on the way out.

Out... of the circle, I mean. This is what I intend to send to each mom. A photo of their kid in the frame I painted.

This was the ugliest gold gilded frame which I got at a garage sale! I just sprayed that sucker Rapunzel purple, and voila! We have a photo booth and custom "thank you for coming to my party" cards!

Above is Hazel, who is Breanna's, and who will be in Gabbi's dancing class this year. And below, is Cindy's daughter, Angel Grace.

And here is Chloe.

ANd here is the beautiful princess, herself.

Not everyone got the idea with regards to the frame around the face deal. But that's ok. We improvised.

Madi had it down pat.

Ella Kate needed a hand.

But would you check out how cute that headband turned out with the butterfly hotglued to the side?!

I thought they were precious.

Now you KNOW Miss Ellie Sue, aka Teen Miss, was perfectly independent with the whole frame concept. I had LOTS of photos to choose from of her big mug!

I do like having an independent child, though. She makes us laugh regularly!!

And I just wish I could figure out how to load up videos to this thing. Maybe Jessi can help tomorrow. I'll call her. You need to see Gabbi refraining from blowing until the last word of the Happy Birthday song was sung.

Here's my little birthday girl. Even though her actual day is the 26th. I can't be with her then, so we played it up big the weekend before.

She is special indeed!

As was all the little extras that made her day unique. And all the helpers, friends, etc who enrich our lives.

And that's the last Gabbi's third birthday post for 2011. (I think!)



Mama J said...

Wow, 64 and my first Rapunzel party. I had SO much fun. Mo waved her wand and made this precious Gabbi a very happy girl. Thanks for sharing with us....some really great ideas for her one of a kind party. You simply rock..

Amy K said...

It truly is a day to remember. Awesome job Mo & crew. Gabbi is one lucky birthday girl.

Zhohn said...

Love everything about the party!

Great job, Mo!

Sharidrew said...

no need to apologize about posting so much on your sweet babies party! It was a delight to look through each picture. I have a boy. Our parties are fun but not girly at all! So, it's a treat to see how girls celebrate!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful girls (and their friends) with us.

Hugs from Missouri,

Bethany said...

Gabbi is one lucky baby girl! I love her idea of a baby brother.....

Bj said...

Hmmmmmmm, a baby brother.....from Gabbi's mouth to God's ears....just saying!!!..huggers, BJ

snekcip said...

Go Mo!! You did an awesome job! We did the "frame"thing for recital pics! I found a HUGE frame at a "antique" store for 16bucks! The girls were able to get a FULL body shot inside the frame! I see GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!

I just love ALL THINGS FRILLY as well!! I think the girls are ALL just precious in their tutu's!!

Kathryn said...

Oh, what fun!

tricia said...

a "par-tay" to remember.....everything girlie and sweet!

shayney said...

cool b-day party.

you must watch doc martin (british show) on netflix....there is a woman louisa who looks just like gabbi...gabbi will be a very pretty woman if she does grow up to look like Louisa : )

happy Birthday gabbi!!!!

Beth E. said...

What great birthday posts! I love a good party, and it looks as if Gabbi's was rockin'! Y'all know how to celebrate!

Thanks for sharing all the pics of your sweet girls, friends, and family. You make me feel like I'm a part of it all. :-)

Holly said...

This is THE CUTEST, SWEETEST thing I have EVER seen!!!!! You made my day(s)! Happy Birthday Sweet Gabbi Girl!!