Monday, August 22, 2011

More of GG's party.

Ok, I have made the executive decision that Wisconsin trip is just going to have to wait!! I have to post Gabbi party pics for at least three days. This party was just epic. Soooo cute!! My baby girl wanted a Rapunzel themed party. But her stubborn mama refused to go to WalMart and buy plain ol' Rapunzel items. Instead, I kinda split the difference with her, and went with green and purple and made the girls actually into princesses themselves. Win-Win!!

I had so much good help! Pictured below are, from left to right, Mary Allison, Breanna, Tashia, Angie, Paula, Linda Lou, and JinJin. They were good friends and supporters. And I also called on some other helpers!! Here we have Amy, Sarah, and Emma Lou. (oh, over there in the background is Cindy).

Breanna made this super awesome crown for the birthday girl to wear. Did you know she does party hats/ banners and has an Etsy shop?! Bayou Moon on Etsy. Check it out. And tell her Mo sent ya.

I have another couple of friends who do unbelievable cakes. They call their business PattiCakes, although don't really publicize it much. They both have "day jobs" as well, so they haven't really turned it loose yet. But, I don't know if you've noticed, but my girls have awesome cakes EVERY birthday! They typically do the multi level fondant(?! I have no idea!!) cakes with polka dots or owls or swirls, or something fun. This time, I just found what I wanted on the internet and pointed them in the direction. They hit jackpot!! Green ruffles as the icing and a gradiated purple interior, light purple to dark. Can you say SUPER COOL!???!

So, thanks Patti and Kellye for yet again, making my cake 'da bomb!

Gabbi got excited over every single present. Those who know her well went to the Dollar Store and just filled a sack with all kinds of junk. Every single item she pulled out of the bag she would squeal about in delight! She is one precious little girl!!

Yessirreee. I am G.L.A.D that this little girl came to be mine!

I may have already posted this photo. It is one of my faves! So, if so, enjoy it again!

She was so happy about her entire special day. Her mama and daddy got her this LSU cape. She likes to wear capes, and as much as we like to grill out for all the LSU games.... again... Win/Win!

Pops and Nana made the big event. Daddy and Todd must've been drowing in the estrogen!

We set up a little photo booth, which is why we will be having ANOTHER day of photos tomorrow! I decided to preview one of Ellie and Hazel today. Hazel is Breanna's baby girl and will be in Gabbi Girl's dance class. Breanna and I have decided two things. First, we are glad that our babies may get to know each other well and be good friends since they both have to be bossed around by older siblings. Second, I think we will have the FUNNEST waiting room on Wednesdays at noon. Think CRAFTS.... every week!! Get ready mama on wednesdays at noon! We are gonna be having some waiting room fun.

If anybody would like a copy of this, just send me your email and I will get it to you. You can blow it up to poster size, put it on a wrap on your car, or even use it as your screen saver. And I wouldn't blame you one bit

How bout this for cute?!

My baby girl could care less about what the crowd is doing! She is gonna do whatever she is preoccupied with no matter WHAT the rest of the crew is doing. And she is NOT bothered by being left out. (yet!). I kind of like that about her. Her sister usually is dictating what the group is doing, but Gabbi, well.... she is just kind of a loner.

Would you look at this sea of poofy lavender?!

In case you were wondering what it was that had Gabbi's attention... LIPSTICK!!

I wish I would have gotten a before picture! There were probably 40 or more skewers of purple and green grapes. Those babies LIKED this idea!! They were gone in nothing flat. ANd this cute tray?! My present from KK for my birthday last week!

I ordered some photos from an online photo lab. Inside the boxes, they were supporting the photos with these cardboard pages. I snatched them and felt very "green" for recycling them into Gabbi Girl's bday signage.

And also from that photo lab, I ordered some big pics on foamboard for my house, the inlaws, the grandparents, etc. But today, they were our decorations.

Rapunzel, remember?!

Hey, how bout that new baby bed with the canopy back there?! I just snagged that at a neighborhood garage sale a few weeks ago. My oldest kid thinks it is totally sa-weeet!!

Once again, Gabbi doing her own thing! That's a coloring sheet. The others were actually coloring theirs.

This is Breanna's newest kiddo. Baby William.

Oh, this is the banner that comes with your birthday batch from Bayou Moon. Find Breanna on Etsy.

Gabbi Groves. Todd always loved that name. And now everyone who knows my name dilemma says they can't see her being anything other than a Gabbi!

Sorry, but you'll just have to bear with me as I post at least another day of Gabbi party pics.


P.S. Tricia and Kathryn, I will be in St. Louis this weekend for a continuing ed course. Wanna meet up!?


Mindy said...

Such a cute party! I just can't do the commercial thing either. And don't get me started on Halloween. I don't think Allen EVER had store bought costume!

Bj said...

A kewl party fer sure!! I know your little princess had a blast as did all her little guests. Great job Mo!......huggers, BJ

Zhohn said...

Adorable! Love this idea!

Kathryn said...

Absolutely! Call me. I am pretty much free, or can shuffle stuff around with no problem. I can show you pictures of my new baby. A new sewing machine! Oh, it is a zoomer! I am half scared of it.

Those birthday pictures are wonderful. Love, love, love the sea of netting with little girlies dotted here and there.

Sharidrew said...

I wish you were my mama!! (or sister) You sure know how to throw a great party! Those girls were precious in those little tutu's. It looks like they all had a blast. Grapes on skewers! Genius!

I'm north of Kansas city but it would be totally stalker-ish to invite myself to meet up with you in St. Louis! HAHA....have a safe trip!

hugs from Missouri,

Mary said...

So very sweet! I love it!

Becky said...

Awww... I love everything about the party! Wish I could go back and do my baby girls 3rd birthday over...that was her golden birthday!!!

Amy K said...

The picture of you & Gabbi is beautiful!!
I love all your decorations, especially all the canvases, oh and the photo booth.
Happy Birthday to that sweet little girl!

tricia said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH, where in the area will you be & when will you be free?I'll move heaven & earth to even just say hello. Kathryn,where are you? I'm in Chesterfield

tricia said...

Oh..........LOVE the pics of Gabby's birthday. She is the sweetest thing!

MaryH said...

Have fun in St. Louis - I saw someone walking to the St. Louis Cardinal game downtown yesterday with an LSU Football jersey - thought of you. Love the birthday pics - perfect party for Gabbi.

Kim said...

Precious party for a precious girl!! GG resembles her momma ~ God is good and works in mysterious ways! Look forward to seeing the photo booth pictures ~ what an awesome idea!

GLOANN said...

Knowing just a bit about Gabby's birth mother from Brandon, I am just reduced to tears when I see the pictures of you and her especially but all the family pictures. I love the first two of you and her in today's pictures. You truly have a resemblance to each other. Beautiful! I know you must thank God daily for your lovely family you've been blessed with. I don't comment often but I read your blog daily.

snekcip said...

Love the party pics! Enjoying them tremendously!!!

nineisenuff said...

What an awesome party! Your girls are so loved!