Monday, August 8, 2011

MMPT Best of the Delta

Good morning, Monday!

So, let me tell you about last week. We (MMPT) were nominated for an annual award called The Best of the Delta. There are 169 categories which are first put up for nomination. The "delta" includes a large region of north Louisiana. I don't exactly know the dimensions, but I'd say 50 or so miles in all directions from me!??
(Below are Bobby, Keith, and Hunter. Just sayin'!) Then here's our newest employee, Rebecca.

And a student intern, Anna. We like even our students to be weird! Ha.

Well, anyway, we were nominated for Best Physical Therapy Clinic. There are five finalists in the nomination process. Last year, we were nominated and I had the forethought to ask for any votes on my blog. This year I forgot!

Then they have a banquet and invite all the nominees, so that's 5 x 169 plus spouses and extras. I took 8 people from the clinic.

Here we have Robin from WM clinic, and Lindsey, DPT, from the Monroe clinic. Did you know that to be a physical therapist, one now has to complete a doctorate degree?! Wow. I have no desire to return and work on this. I don't intend to teach and well, things are fine the way they are right now. If something changes, I'll let you know.

And Dee, you did pretty well on the abbreviations the other day. HOwever, you got one wrong. The last one... was it PTA?! If so that was Physical therapy assistant. Otherwise, I can't remember what it was!

So, moving on.... the event is pretty lengthy! I mean the 5 nominees in 169 categories, plus acceptance of the award is time consuming.

And I think they add categories each year.

This is Anna, Amber (another student COTA) and Summer, our main WM OT.

And ta da... I got in a picture. If you notice the backdrop, it is the same place we have Shake 4 Jake. And speaking of Shake 4 Jake, the JOR Foundation was awarded the Best Non-Profit organization! Yaaaayy!

Here's our whole crew for the night. I appreciated them coming with me so I didn't have to sit there all alone like a goob!

Ok, to not keep you in suspense. We won in our category. This is our third year in a row, and I believe the only three years they've had a PT Clinic category!

That's my purple purse. Isn't it cute?!

So to all who may have been local or who read my blog and voted, thanks for the vote! ANd to Delta Style, thanks for a very nice event. We are honored, once again, to hold this title!


Melanie Massey-Groves


Cherry said...

Congratulatins Cuz....Proud of you...Who is the guy in the white shirt behind you in the pics? Looks like he wanted Hope to see you soon.....

Sharidrew said...

Congrats!! That's pretty darn awesome! But well deserved for sure!!

Hugs from Missouri,

tricia said...

Congratulations! Its great to be recognized for all the hard work you and your staff do!

snekcip said...

Congratulations to you and your AWESOME staff. Behind ever good boss, is an even greater staff..right??

PS My daughter is pursing her doctorate (in psychology) she's down to the wire and expects to graduate in Dec 2012. It's tough, but she's tougher! :)

Zhohn said...

Congrats, y'all are a great group!
Happy Monday ;)

Mary said...

That's amazing! Congrats!!! Your group touches so many lives in such a positive way--glad to see that you are being recognized for the great work!! :)

Anonymous said...

love the purple purse! what brand?

Beth E. said...

Congrats on the award, Mel! I wish we lived closer to your could help me with allll...well, MOST of my issues! ;-)

Beth E. said...

P.S. My daughter-in-law had her interview on Saturday. Seventy people vying for 36 openings in PT school. Please keep praying...she won't know whether she's selected for a couple of weeks.

Cassie12 said...

Congrats to you and all your employees on the award!!!! I am not surprised - just looking at the pictures I can tell you and your staff are the best at what you do!!!! Wish I lived near you and could come to your office for all my PT needs....or maybe a new body would just work the best for me....

Amy K said...

Congratulations! From what I've seen of MMPT, you're very deserving!

Kaia said...

Congrats for being an awesome place! Off that subject.. did I just completely miss it or did you ever post pics of Ellie's birthday?!