Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let's all bother Hayden!

I am actually in Shreveport (for the past three days) and have nothing to use in the way of computer or photos to access. I have been driving back and forth every day,but leaving EARLY and getting back LATE so all I have had time for is a little baby girl/ mama time.
So, last night, I was totally exhausted and decided to stay with Jenn, who graciously shared her home with me. She is the PT in my Shreveport clinic. I am on her computer this AM.
I thought I'd just check waaaay back in the archives of my loaded photos (anyone who has a blog will understand how laborious it is to load all those pictures) and lo and behold, I found about 5-6 blogs I loaded pics on and never actually wrote on or posted. THis is such an example.
These pics were dated 02/14. And this is yet another reason I blog. Because it helps me remember what was happening on that day. When I try to go back and remember, nothing! Notta!
Although there were no words, there was a title. "Let's all bother Hayden", so that kinda gives me a clue to what we were doing and what all these pics were about.
He hates us to take his picture, and as you can well tell, we listen to him and respect his feelings!
Isn't he cute? He got that "Justin Bieber" thing all the time. He was swishing his hair to one side before it was so cool to do so!
I think Staci looks a lot like me in these pics. Do you!? Or me a lot like her? or whatever... wait. I'm the oldest so she looks like me!

NOt even kidding... when the above pic was scrolled down and all I could see was the eyes and nose of the above pic above (do it... scroll back down and put me to the test), it looked EXACTLY like me. I wasn't sure it wasn't.
But anyway... here we are. Last day of my intensive three day continuing education on the hip/pelvic region. If you are having pain in that area, I am your girl!! Inbox me your symptoms, or email me ( and let me see if I can help you over the net.

Isn't Hayden a cutie?!



Becky said...

Funny, cuz I thought the same thing about you two looking so much alike. I thought the one picture was you, but then when I scrolled down I was like, No! That's Stacie! So I had to scroll back up and look again! Anyway, both are cute! So is Hayden!
Enjoy the day!

Phyllis Lines said...

I was thinking the same thing - kept going back up and thinking the first pic is Stacie and that's the same shirt so they have to be her but it sure looks like Mo.

tricia said...

Before you even mentioned it, I thought for a split second that was you in the pictures. I had to look closer.
Hayden's smile in the last picture shows deep down he LOVES his picture taken,the scowling and hiding is all an act! LOL

Kim said...

Hayden Bieber is a cutie ~ a cutie with a great smile!! Staci DOES look a LOT like you!

Kathryn said...

I have always seen a definite resemblance between the two of you. Cool!

wildernessgurl5 said...

I was in Bossier City on Friday, but for fun, not work. And yes, upon first look, I thought it was you in some of the pictures!

Mbeaty19 said...

I certainly agree with you. Looked at the first picture and thought Oh pictures of Staci and one of her boys and then as I was scrolling I would glance at a picture and think oh no that's Mo. Then back to Staci. Laughed when I read your comment about her looking like you. Some times it's like you know what I am thinking and answer me before I ask the question. Funny how that happens.
The pictures of Hayden remind me of Staci's post she had of him filling up for her at the gas station. It reminded me how she had to use his reflection in the mirror to get his picture because he doesn't like having his picture taken. Love how little things remind me of other things I've read on your (and Staci's -when she use to post) blogs

LindsayRomero said...

I finally figured out how to leave comments yay! lol! Yes MO, Staci does look like you in these pics!