Monday, August 8, 2011

Making feather crafts!

I've mentioned before that I am kinda the neighborhood hot spot! So, it should be no surprise that on this Saturday, Emma Lou brought two of her buddies over to.... oh... just whatever Mo could come up with! And what, you may ask, did I come up with?! Wellll....

Because I have been getting the art room ready for the big first annual Mo'z Art Retreat, (please note we now have TWO tables in the art room!!), I had taken a mental inventory of the goodies spread far and wide. I chose FEATHERS!

The feathers in hair craze is ON here in Louisiana. For that reason, I had to go and buy lots of them. I took them to the office to do some volunteer feathering, and this is the inventory I had left over. The girls spread them on the table, and chose their colors. Then, we used glue and some metal findings I found at Hobby Lobby to cinch those suckers up and hang em on the ear wires!

I did try and combine the feathers with some fabric to make a super cute headband!

I have to pretend I don't like it all that much to get her to wear it.

And VOILA! Check out the earrings on Emma Lou, Claire, and Rachel!

Claire is ROCKIN' those feathers!

as is Rachel!

And so is my buddy, Emma Lou! Emma knows she can count on me to always let her shine when her friends are over with a new and exciting art activity!

Please note the matching big girl, little girl outfits on Ellie and Emma. That was Emma's gift to Ellie for her birthday. Talk about a happy kid!



Zhohn said...

You're so cool, Mo!
The matching outfits are adorable and I'm sure Ellie LOVED the idea.

Bethany said...

I want to come play too! :)

snekcip said...

Feathers are THE BEE'S KNEES here too! I just saw them at a shop on Saturday. Some of every color!! My 21yr old daughter loves them! Its amazing the trends that seems to pop up everywhere simultaneously! I have even seen them worn in the hair!

I had to laugh about you "not liking the hairband in order for Ellie to LIKE the headband" its the opposite here! That Ellie is a mess!! LOL!!!

PS check your email inbox

tricia said...

feathers are huge here too. the girls must have had a blast making them. and ellie seems in her glory to be with them! where is gabby?

Kim said...

So funny how trends pop up in different areas at different times!! We have had the feather phase up here in MI for many months, and in fact it has kind of fizzled out up here. LOVE them turned into earrings ~ too cute for the kiddos! I noticed the matching shirts before you mentioned it, and was thinking how Ellie was diggin that!

Cheryl said...

Not sure what is is lately, but for the past few weeks, every time I look at the clock it says 11:11 or something:11, or it's a time that adds up to 11. Right now it's 3:26, which adds up to 11. When I wake up during the night it's always 1:11, 2:11 3:11, etc.. you get the picture. I never met Jake, only knew him through his website and yours, but maybe he met my big brother up there and is saying hi for I've been reading your blog for years but have been one of those lurkers you write about and have never written in. Maybe this is Jake's way of having me do Not quite sure what it is.... but keep it coming !!!

LindsayRomero said...

I love your craft days, I can't wait to join in one day! I love me some Ellie Sue too and that head band is AWESOME!

connie said...

where did you find the feathers at? i would love to get some and make ear rings out of them.. i love the ear rings and head bands you made you are great i tell you that i wish i was as good as you are... i want to come to one of your art retreats if i can afford it..i love your art room..when are u going to do a jewelry kit? i want to learn another one from you. i love reading your blogs sorry i havent commented to you lately i havent been feeling good and i been trying to learn some jewelry making on my own. not doing that good i rather learn from you... have a great day love ya your friend from ga

Beth E. said...

I'm thinking a certain little girl is gonna want her ears pierced soon...gotta run with the big girls! ;-)

SarahBeth said...

ellie and emma lou look like they could be sisters in these pics!! fun fun fun!!