Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

I got so many well wishes for my birthday yesterday! Thanks to all of you! And, well looky looky what my big girl made for me today... birthday brownies! I'm pretty sure that was with Emma Lou and Mary Allison's help. My friend, Jessica, kept the girls while Todd took me out to dinner. She said she thinks Ellie speaks my same "Love Language" of" gift giving", because she was not only adament, but also so proud of the gifts she chose for me.

For instance, this photo she found in my room and wrapped up for me.

One from a shopping trip my friends and I took last Christmas!

Wow, Ellie. How thoughtful!

She and Emma raided my wrapping section and hooked o l' Mo up!

Emma helped make sure there was one from each of them.

In case you are wondering, I got about 10 more of my previously developed pictures all wrapped up. Now THAT is what you call a SURPRISE!

And I gotta say, Ellie has been talking about making brownies for me for my birthday for several days. So, she KNOWS her mama well!

And she painted this little mini canvas for me.

And oh WOW. A Puppies book... right off the bookshelf in Gabbi's room! soooo surprising!

Todd actually bought me a new cereal called, "Brownie Crunch". Again... I must say, a surprise!! First time I have gotten a box of cereal for my birthday!!

But wait. That's not all! There's more!!

And Emma wrote me this card. Can you believe she thinks I am 'The best MO ever!"?

I am also "dah best"!!

And Ellie made some additional artwork!

And if you look right here above my thumb, in yellow, I do believe she spellled out "mom". Way to go, girlie!

Gabbi had fallen asleep and strolled in half awake when I got back from dinner with the hubs.

It was a good birthday. I really love having a birthday!

Oh, and Lizzie enjoyed the party too!



kimybeee said...

glad you had a great birthday! and all you gifts were wonderful lol

Amy K said...

Birthdays ROCK! And, you ARE the best Mo ever. :)
I am lovin' those birthday glasses, and all your thoughtful gifts!
Sounds like you had a great day...you deserve it.
Can't wait to see/hear about your adventures from my neck of the woods.

Zhohn said...

How sweet! The letters, the gifts, brownies...all from the heart, those gifts are te best!
Glad you had a great day.

Theresa Shirley said...

Glad you had a good birthday!! I told you on FB, but for some reason, didn't get on MoJoy yesterday---WHAT was I thinking? I agree with Emma Lou--you are definitely DAH BEST!! That was so sweet of Ellie to want to give her Mama all those sweet presents. Shows she's gonna be a thoughtful girl! Glad you got to have some grown-up time w/ Todd too. Have a great day :)

Becky said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mo!
My girls love to wrap up things from around the house, too, and they get sooo excited when I open them! Funny!
Glad you had a great day! The brownies look yummy!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Happy Birthday!!!! Mo, that is so hysterical that Ellie is wrapping all your stuff & giving it to you as a birthday gift. That girl is just too smart & too funny – she never ceases to make me laugh!!
You could just see how proud she was because she was making you happy. What a little doll. She is quite the brownie maker!!
And Gabbi looks so adorable when she wakes up – bed head and all, she is just beautiful.
It looks like you had a great birthday and I wish you a wonderful year to go with it!
Enjoy your Wednesday,
Diana from Colorado

Mary said...

What a beautiful birthday. It is clear that you are so loved by so many!

snekcip said...

Ahhhh I love the gifts that Ellie had for you! I think that is just toooo sweet!!!

Mo, looks like you had a wonderful birthday!!! I agree with Mary.

Now you gotta share some of that BROWNIE CRUNCH w/all us!!

Lisa said...

Happy birthday to you . . evidently a little late :-)

Jodi said...

What's the actual date of your birthday, Mo, I think I missed that part?

I celebrated this past Sunday. I was born on 8/14, I weighed 8 lbs 14 ounces, and my mom was in room 814 for ante/post partum.

When I was a Freshman in High School (I have NO IDEA how this girl figured it out; my Mom's Roommate in the Hospital the entire time (they were admitted and discharged on the same day) daughter sat behind my in Freshman Spanish Class.


Renee said...

Happy Birthday!