Monday, August 15, 2011

Playing train.

These two kids can find the most unique things to play! I couldn't figure this one out, but when I asked, was told, "We are playing train!".

"I'm the engineer. And Madi is a passenger. My babies are the caboose."

Please note Ellie hasn't stopped smiling since I aimed the camera at her! Madi couldn't care less.

And as usual, we have no idea where Gabbi is. Playing by herself in a corner, I presume.

Now, let me point out this weird "baby" she is touching here.

It's actually a decoration we use in our foyer at the house. It is typically sitting on the table in the entryway. I know, I know,... an odd decoration, but then again, I LIKE odd!

Ellie must like odd too, because I cannot keep her away from that thing. She has it adorned with a "layered" (her word!!) necklace in the above photo!

I think it's a hoot that Madi chose this homely Dora hat. In a few pics, you'll see that she looks like a hiphop dancer! Ellie picked this dress out at WalMart. Anybody seen it there?! It is really cute, and naturally one of her faves. WHEN will I learn to NOT spend any big money on this child's clothes. It's like she knows and the more I spent, the less she likes it!

Now, THESE are Ellie's dolls. Looks like they got kicked right on off that train!!

Enter Madi the hip hop dancer, and Ellie the doting mom. Thanks, DeeDee and Granddad for this baby bed. The girls have LOVED it!!

Man, that wall is PLAIN, isnt' it?! I need to do something to it! But... then I wouldn't have room for the table and chairs that are usually under it. Or the new baby bed.

Unlessssss... they keep them over here, in train formation! (Hey Lindsey!! She reads my blog! And took my kid to Chuck E. Cheese, earning her BIG points in my book!)
What up, M Dawg?! She's singing with KrissKross now. Or was it Criss Cross? I just know they make me wanna "jump. jump!" (and might I say the feather from the top of the Dora hat is really the finishing touch!?)It's getting a little weird the way Ellie likes this wooden doll.

It's meant to be set on a shelf, so it doesnt' extend it's hips at all. She doesnt' care!

I've got myself a monkey by the way. And now Gabbi is following in her footsteps. I haven't posted about GG lately, but believe me when I tell you... she is HITTING HER STRIDE!! Remember that sweet little precious thing?! Wellllll....

She is learning a bit of sass from her sister, I suppose, and climbs on anything not nailed down and is the one who makes a shopping trip almost impossible. The past month has been the hardest time I have had so far with two kids this close in age. I hope it is no indicator for what this 3/4 year old year will be like! Or I may have to be medicated!

Have a good Monday. Lots of fun pics to share tomorrow!



Zhohn said...

That 'baby' is a strange one! But If sassy Ellie likes her then shes a keeper! I did see that dress at walmart, I almost bought it for my niece. Madi is adorable.
Goodluck with those two precious girls of yours!

Oh, what happened to Ellie wearing tanks everyday!? She's been in dresses a lot lately!

Beth E. said...

Ellie's cracking me up, the doll is creeping me out! lol Maddi, er, I mean Madi (still trying to learn the new spelling of her name)seems to go along with whatever Ellie wants to do. They both have great imaginations! Tell Gabbi we missed her!

Sorry the girls are giving you a run for the money these days. Have a glass of wine...or two! It does get better...this, too, shall pass!

Anonymous said...

Plan on being medicated! I love Madi's outfit-is it from Staci's store?

kimybeee said...

okay = now a baby bed reference! you better spill miss melanie!!! and happy birthday to you!!!

blessedmomof3 said...

I'll bet Ellie likes that doll because it looks like a grown up. These pics are precious. I love seeing children using their imaginations. :)

Bethany said...

I have always loved GG's room! What is the name of the paint on her walls? Thinkin' that I need to paint something that very color...

Ellie sure can work a CHEESE! Love her!

Amy K said...

That dress is adorable. Of course, Ellie looks cute in most anything, but I love polka dots.
Good luck on those future shopping trips.

Bj said...

Love it....and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MO!!....huggers, BJ

Susantwilhelm said...

I see lots of "fun" in your future! Patiently (Not) waiting on a blog about the girls' birthdays! And Happy Birthday to you too!

snekcip said...

I'll send you a pic of Bre's babydoll and it will make WOODEN WEIRD GUY seem adorable!! SERIOUSLY!!! That doll of her's is so UH-GA-LEE it's pitiful!! She "inherited" the doll from the center where she goes to camp! They said "Bre was the only child who loved that doll" it was actually on the way to the dumpster and she cried for it, so...ahem....they gave it to her! Thanks a lot CP daycamp!

Love the girls imagination. I remember playing games like that with my younger sister "back in the day"! Give us a box or some chairs and it was ON!!!

I had to laugh to myself about the "sassiness". I had to do a double take the other day. I was on my way home and laughing on the phone with a good friend of mine and Bre says from the backseat "Hey Mom, could you hold it down a little, you are giving me a HEADACHE"!! I had to look and see if it was actually my 21yr old riding in the carseat in the back! She has transformed LITERALLY this summer. She's opinionated, stubborn as TWO MULES and CAN HOLD HER OWN . We visited a waterpark on Sunday and was in the "wading pool" area, she gets up and comes over to me and says "this is the baby water" I wanna go to the "big kids" side! Well she has become QUITE THE SWIMMER this pass summer. So as long as she had on her "life-jacket" she was on to the BIG KIDS side! I did notice that an "older kid" had taken her innertube from her and before I could go over and reprimand him, she grabbed hold of the rings on it and said in a very LOUD voice..."This is mine!! Get OUT!!! The kid was so startled (as was I) that he promptly jumped out and handed it back to her. She sweetly said "Thank you" and floated off! Gotta love a girl with SPICE and CHARM all wrapped into one!!

snekcip said...

Happy Birthday Mo! It has been both a pleasure and honor to call you "FRIEND"!!

Jeni said...

Happy Birthday Mo! I wanted to post here instead of Facebook. Hope your having a great day.

Kaia said...

Was Monday your birthday? If so, that's crazy because check out my blog post from that day and see why I was thinking about you and your fam basically all day!!!