Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet sisters in the morning

I L.O.V.E. my kids in the morning. Well, I mean, I love them all day long, but in the mornings, with that crazy hair and sweet little voices,.... I don't think it can be beat! And on this particular morning, it all started with Ellie coming to the kitchen and lying her lazy behind on the floor. I went and got her a blanket to snug her up! Then, in slinked baby girl, who always loves to nap on the floor. In fact, she is asleep on the floor now. I don't really know what the allure is... but it has caused panic on more than one occasion when I couldn't find her in her bed the following morning, but found her instead, balled up, hiney in the air, in a corner on the floor and another time, half way under the bed. FREAKED me out to not find my kid in her bed.

She is also that kid who likes to lie down UNDER the table. I think she likes the "containment" or feeling of close quarters. I always use a heavier blanket with her (thus the down comforter) as she prefers deeper pressure. Anyone have an understanding of sensory integration dysfunction? Well, Gabbi's got a touch of it. Just a touch though. It's not contagious or anything! Ha. It is just good to recognize as it helps me console her and understand her a little better. She was that baby who LOVED to be swaddled... until she was like, one! ha!

Most mornings, Gabbi Goo (that is what so many people call my little chica), is the one who wakes me up. She comes into my bedroom and I feel this tiny little gentle touch to my face. It is the sweetest thing. I wish I could bottle up that feeling!

In fact, I wish I could bottle all of this up! I'd certainly send you a little bit of it. It wouldn't be right not to share it. "It" is just THAT sweet!! I am SO glad I have two baby girls who get to be sisters.



Amy K said...

Sleepy-eyed babies are the best!

Pepper said...

I miss my babies being that small. I agree. I love the mornings when they are so sweet, hair all messed up and those sweet voices. (even at 11 & 14)

Bj said...

Awwwwwww, what a nice start to my day! Mo, you may not be able to "bottle" this feeling....but you can store it away in your heart, so some rainy day, years from now...when you miss your grown children so can reach down in your heart and pull out one of these memories and bask in it....and then smile as you get that feeling all over again!! Love, love...LOVE those moments....huggers, BJ

Kimmy said...

Mine is now 16 and some mornings I love to sit just a minute to watch him sleep and remember back to those days you now have. Then I have to move before he wakes up and calls me a "creeper"! LOL, gotta love 'em!

Mbeaty19 said...

I certainly understand about Gabbi's sensory - My 3 yr old has sensory issues. He loved being swaddled when he was little and still benefits for being wrapped up. Deep pressure has become a common occurrence in our house. Johnathan and Gabbi actually sound a lot alike. He receives speech & OT therapy. He loves waking me up by taking my face in his hands. There has been many of days I haven't been able to find him and he'll be some odd place sound asleep. Think we need to just put these little angels in a time capsule and keep them at this age forever (or at least for a couple of years).

Bethany said...

Sensory integration dysfunction? Welcome to my world baby! And Braden has way more than a touch! Sleeps most nights on the floor loving that input - but that is definitely the least of it. Loud sounds and hair brushing are not enjoyable for him AT ALL! And haircuts... You don't even want to go there!

Love those girlies of yours, Mo!

Sharidrew said...

if you figure it out, send me some! I have a bratty 8 (almost 9) year old BOY! He's all boy too! Morning is definitely the sweetest time!! Your girls are simply adorable. I want to sop them up with a biscuit!!

Hugs from Missouri,

snekcip said...

My grandson would do the same thing! He would crawl out of his bed and ball up on the floor. However, in the past few months he has preferred his bed. Guess I never thought of it as a "sensory issue", I just thought of it as just an "odd sleeper".

tricia said...

what a truly special bond you all have. so wonderful;so miraculous!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Just precious! They are too cute. I am so glad that you share them with us. We all appreciate it, I'm sure.
I have told you that my baby girls are 25, 21, and 19 and they still like to all get in bed together & watch a movie or show, and when it happens, I love it because it reminds me of when they were little and all slept together!
Have a wonderful day,
Diana from Colorado

Emily said...

O how I wish Stormie would ever lay down and snuggle! She's 100 mph from the time her eyes open. Your girls are so sweet!