Friday, July 15, 2011

Hide and seek

Typical afternoon. Just chillin. Wearing one of about 5 outfits on the day. Very typical! Then, I hear, "maaamaaaa, come find meeeee."

Which we all know means, "Hey, Mom. Let's play hide and seek!".

And might I add it was not too hard to find them! First hint... those toes sticking out. Second, the giggling coming from behind the curtain. And third, this....

Gabbi can hardly contain herself from the excitement of my finding her. She never actually makes it that long! She just can't wait!

And then there were TWO!

Their giggling and smiling makes finding them over and over and over and over all worth it!

And then Ellie came up with this hiding place. I thought this was absolutely CLASSIC!

Gabbi is STILL hiding in the same spot. Like she would do for the rest of the night!

"Moooooommmm, come find me."

"Hmmmm... where could she be? Gabbbbiiii!!!"

"Here I am!!".
"Oh, Gabbi! I am so surprised!"

And what in the world is that!? It's so stealth of her to hide under this big black mattressy thing in the middle of the room. Very camo. Very undercover!

And last but certainly not least, we have the classic tent/ fort hiding place.

"Girrrrls, where are you?"

AHA! So thaaaat's where you've been!

And wow! Gabbi got out from behind the curtain to fool me under the tent.

They had an absolute blast! It was fun for them, so it was fun for me.

Anybody looking for a way to kill time?!



Mbeaty19 said...

Nothing better than little kids playing hide and seek. I can almost hear their giggling. Love it - More moments you'll treasure forever!

Zhohn said...

What fun! HAPPY FRIDAY :-)

Tracey said...

Too cute! I can almost hear their giggling all the way through the computer. You sure captured their excitement! Happy Friday Mo! Enjoy your weekend with your baby girls.

Theresa Shirley said...

They are just TOO dadgum cute! I love the joy that just radiates from them :)

nss said...

The sheer joy in both their faces is awesome.. I can just imagine your face has the same joy.. Have a wonderful weekend! Life is good.

Bethany said...

All rolled into one!

tricia said...

the happy look on thir faces is priceless!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing. My daughter is 21 and I forgot about how fun this was! She would go behind the curtain and call us to find her and open the curtain and say tadaa momma here I am!!

Kaia said...

"Anybody looking to kill time?" That made me laugh, as I am pretty sure that WOULD entertain them for the entire day! Love those grinning and giggling faces!